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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flipping Heck and Mother Earth News........

My car is not well {SIGH}.  It stalled on me a couple of times on Friday and when I turned the key in the ignition on Saturday nothing happened, tried again nothing happened, tried again and it ran.  Dh of course doesn't want me going out in it in case I break down.  So I need to make an appointment to take it into the garage this week {{SIGH}}  Fingers, toes and everything crossed that I don't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the repairs {{{SIGH}}}

I just received the April/May 2012 issue of the Mother Earth News and there were some interesting articles and links in there. Including a competition to win a Heifer and Chicken Coop amongst the package, unfortunately it's for only people in the States.

Eden Foods, not only sell a variety of products but they have a whole section of recipes, which include Gluten Free, Vegetarian and Vegan.

Barn Light Electric sells the neatest lights and ones that are functional without being too crazy looking.  I love this milk glass pendant.

There was an article that featured "The Happy Homesteader," blog that is really well worth checking out.  This couple live in the southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado on 11 acres and they have four German Shepherd dogs.

Looking for a different type of house to live in?  Well maybe this is for you.  Not sure how much they cost and how feasible it would be to live in one, but I guess it would get the neighbours talking.

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I sure hope that whatever is wrong with the car isn't expensive or difficult to fix. :( Good luck with that!

That's a neat link to the dome site. I have to admit, I had an image of me in one, surrounded by snow and cold. An interesting thought!

Have a lovely Sunday! :)

Fingers crossed here for your car to be easy to repair!

As for the house, that certainly is different! Don't know if I would dare live in one though. They look as though they could blow away pretty easily or get broken by a flying branch or falling tree far too easily!

Do hope your car problems don't turn out too expensive. Thanks for all the links. I'll check them out.

Did you ever though of joining zipcar? (of course if you live in the city).

I believe my son subscribes to the M.E.N., maybe I can borrow his copy!

Several years ago I bought the MEN CDs that have about 10 years of issues on them...I believe I gave those to son...I need to borrow them back...I want to look up how to make the "solar cooker"!

Sorry about your vehicle...hope fixed soon (without an outrageous cost)!

Hope you get your car fixed soon Gill. I remember when our sons were little, how the car would always go wrong round about their birthday time, just when we needed the money for other things. I used to remark to my dh:
'There are six people in this family and one of them is excessively greedy (meaning the car, of course).'

Sounds like a "starter" to me that needs replacing, Gill !

Hope the car doesn't cost too much.

Sft x

Gill, I'll send my son over to have a look at your car :) But I'm coming with him! Shame I live a tad too far away...I wouldn't mind a chicken coop. Don't forget to pop in to my new blog, would love to see you. Sue (Maa)

Eek! Hope it's an easy (inexpensive) fix for your car!!

Gill, I put car problems right up there with being overdrawn at the bank--The worst! I hope it's nothing too serious!!

Hope your car gets fixed at a very frugal price!

Love the dome house link and yes I have thought of living in a tent a yurt or a dome! LOL too bad hubby dont care for that idea! I would LOVE it!

Dome sweet dome! Love it! Reminds me of the yurt Michael and I stayed in over the New Year. I've also seen some spheres that are suspended from trees in B.C. - I would love to stay in one of those!

Oh, wow, Mother Earth News...I used to read that 30+ years ago when we were first married....I haven't bought one in ages and ages.

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