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Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Brunch......(photo heavy)

On Sunday we went to downtown Toronto for brunch in the Distillery District at a restaurant called The Boiler House.  There were seven of us and we had a super time.

We were seated upstairs and I took a couple of photos:

There was a Jazz band playing music which was nice as well.
This is one of the streets:

There was a yummy looking bakery called The Sweet Escape Patisserie, my photo will not do it justice:

The kids bought me yogurt maker for my birthday gift I had asked for one:

We had a good time and with great company.  Both dh and I said we would come down again to have a better look around, as it was cool, weather wise down there, and we were not dressed in warm enough clothes. 

We passed by the Air Canada Centre, where the Toronto Maple Leafs and over sports teams play:

and the Roger's Centre, where the Toronto Blue Jays play and the CN Tower:
There is such a lot of construction going on downtown, the landscape changes everytime we go down there.

On the way home it rained and we saw a rainbow, just didn't see a pot of gold at the end of it!!

I picked up this milk jug from Lady Bird Ceramics at the home show, it's pretty cute if you go to the website you will see the pattern more clearly.

18 super stars left a comment:

Love the pretty jug!

What a great day out and I LOVE THE PHOTOS.

Thanks for sharing Gill!

Sft x

Looks like you had a great day for your birthday! Many Happy Returns!

Cheers - Joolz

Looks a great place to dine at! Would love to try it out!

It seems you had a wonderful time with your family. The restaurant looks nice with a jaz band.


What a fantastic looking place the restaurant is.

The photos are great.

Love your ladybird jug and yoghurt making machine.

Have a good day.

Thanks for posting the downtown photos, as I haven't been down there since my first date with the Crabby Cabbie to see the Rollings Stone Voodoo Lounge concert way back when ..... I should love to go for a weekend to walk and look sometime.

It looks like a wonderful place for Brunch!
I need to add Toronto to my places to visit!

Oh I love the Distillery District in Toronto it has such a nice vibe to it. The artist work are amazing. My daughter displayed her work there once. I was so proud.
Love that ceramic pitcher. B

Wow...now that is a trip to be envious of! Love the photos you took and the pretty jug well, I just flat out want that one!!!

I love the inside of that restaurant..I haven't been to that area since it was tarted up.
Jane x

Wow! What an amazing place. Thanks for sharing with us! :) Is that in the St Lawrence market area, or am I at the wrong end of town? Toronto has changed SOOO much since I left in 1990. I barely recognize it anymore.

What a wonderful day -- and a lovely place! I love the milk jug and I went to the website to look at them. One of my granddaughter's favorite books I "What the Ladybird Heard" from her UK grandparents and I would love to buy her something from this site to put up for her -- maybe a mug or a little vase. What a lovely site!

What an exciting day you have had! and I'm so glad you were well enough to enjoy it.
You haven't mentioned your hand lately, so I am assuming that is doing nicely too?
Love the spacious restaurant.
Love the pattern on the jug.
Love your new Blog layout!

You lucky duck - you're having so much fun lately! I have a thing for jugs and crockery, just can't have TOO many!

I spent 2 weeks in Toronto last summer getting my kid settled in university there. Love it! If you haven't already been making yogurt, let us know how you do with it - I have been at it for a couple of months!

I bet you had a really good time...it just looks like a good place to go. And I love the milk jug you got.

Great photos Gill and a belated Happy Birthday.

Happy belated Birthday!!!!
Your pictures brought me back in time when we lived in T.O. I know these places well and have eaten and walked these streets. Sky dome well lets just say I've seen a few Blue Jays games with my brother (fantastic company seats).
I'm really interested in the yogurt maker and I can't wait to see a post about how you like it.
Yogurt has become so expensive to buy commercially. I usually buy plain and add my own fruits that are in season or what we have frozen.

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