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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A first for 2012........

Hung out the washing for the first time this year.  Probably would have done it earlier but had my hand in cast........well that seems as good an excuse as any.......right?

On Thursday when we were in the city we called in at Home Sense and picked up a new bedding set for our bed.  It came as a set, of a quilted bed spread, two pillow shams and a couple of square accent pillows.

What I liked about this set, it was neither too feminine or too masculine.
I went to renew my drivers license on Friday.   I had to have my photo taken.  Luckily it was a really nice lady and she let me take mine twice, as even she said it wasn't the best photo.  I have yet to take a photo on my drivers license that doesn't make me look like an escaped convict.  Do you like your drivers license photo?

We went out for dinner on Friday night for my birthday.  We went to a local restaurant which has a good reputation.  We had a $50 gift card so we thought that would cover the meal.....wrong.....

The bill came to just under $65 and here is what we got.  We had soup to start, it came with the entree.  We had spinach and potato soup, everything is homemade, along with hot home made rolls.  For the entree, dh had fillet Mignon and I had steak and kidney pie.  There was mashed potatoes, beets, shredded carrot and Brussels sprouts.  As many of you know I HATE Brussels sprouts, but dh loves them, so he had mine as well.  Dh had a glass of red wine, and I just had water.  Dh's steak was tiny, my steak and kidney pie had a funny taste.  We were not impressed but the place was really busy.  So I don't think we will be going there again, which is a shame.

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I do like your new bed set, very appropriate with its spring like feel. Shame about the meal, disappointing when it is a treat xxx

I like your new bedding. I don't like the photo on my driving licence - it was taken before I lost weight. I suppose it does serve as a reminder not to get like that again though!

I especially like the background pattern on the fabric.

I sometimes think it must be fun working in the driving licence or passport office with all those frozen faced photos coming in. A laugh a minute! xx

Your bedding set looks so soothing, perfect for the master bedroom. Sorry to here about your meal, the less we eat out the more disappointed we are when we do go out. The food seems to be just thrown together. LOVE the view you have out back!!!

Love the bedding! $65 sounds reasonable for the food you ordered - if it had been good!

Belated Happy Birthday! Too bad you had a bad meal. What is steak and kidney pie?
Love the bedding set...very soothing.

Love the bedding!! I plan on hanging up laundry today as well! Sooo excited to use the clothes line again! :)

It's so good when you can get the washing out into the fresh air.

Your new bed linen is lovely.

What a shame about your meal, at least you'll know not to go there again.

Have a lovely weekend.

My first laundry was hung outside on Thursday too..although Chris had to get it in for me. Lovely new bed set, Gill.
Jane x

That is just too bad about the meal...I hate it when we go to some place new that is supposed to be so good and I don't care for it. Then to have that kind of price-tag is a bit much. Glad you at least had a gift card for most of it.

There is a restaurant about 30 minutes away from us that everyone raves about...so for our 20th anniversary that is where we went. I like my steaks well done, and mine was seared on the outside...but the inside was too pink for my taste....and it was so busy I didn't fool with sending it back. That has been 16 years ago, and we have not went back other than going for sports banquets for the kids and that does not count cause you get this little bitty steak...and we all just traded plates till we got one done the way we liked it.

love the bedding! it seems like restaurants are over charging for poor food and service. i prefer more "family" style ones myself, the kind truck drivers love, good food and worth the investment

Thanks for the reminder. I have to get my license renewed this year! My first one with the "new" license. I hope I can keep my old one as a souvenir.
My driver's license photo doesn't generally turn out TOO bad, but my passport photo is a whole other story! Embarrassing doesn't even begin to cover it...

And love the new bedding! I'm a sucker for new sheets. :)

The bedding is really pretty. I have two homesense gift cards burning holes in my pockets but am waiting until we move to buy some goodies. I can't remember the last time I haven't felt let down by a restaurant - we also used up a Christmas giftcard this week (Earls) and Two burgers and two Pints of Stella were $55. It seems to taste so much better when we just eat at home (last night steak, mushrooms, baked potato, salad, wine for me, beer for hubby total cost $15)

Your washing looks great, what a beautiful day. I do hope your arms heals quickly Gill.

The bedding is beautiful, I love the butterflies. It's something Mr Sft and I would both like.

Shame about the meal.

Happy belated Birthday.

Sft x

Hi Gill,
Yes, not only my picture on driver's license but also my husband look like "WANTED" ones.

Happy Birthday! I am sorry your birthday dinner was a disappointment -- that seems to happen to me more often these days. I love your new bedding -- it is very serene. I am in the market myself but can't let go of the cash when I have a set that is perfectly good -- I am just tired of it. Yes, I have had a dreadful photo taken for my DL -- I was angry and stressed, it showed, and I had to carry it for years! The next time I made sure I was in a good mood and had my hair done!

Gill i love the view from your porch!

Beautiful view from your clothes line -- and I love your new bedding. Very pretty. :)

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