Friday, March 18, 2011

More bits and bobs.....

I keep forgetting to mention I am still writing columns for the Eden Valley Messenger and the Orangeville Banner.  Haven't mentioned them in a while.  I try to do one a week for them both, but sometimes that doesn't always work has a habit of getting in the way!!

Also you may or may of not noticed the big red heart on the left hand side of my blog?  I am taking part in a "Made From Love" swap.  If anyone is interested in participating, just click on the heart.  I am doing a table runner for my item.

I was up by 4.45am on Thursday, as dh "woke" up the cluster flies when he got up and they started dive bombing me when I was in bed.  At least that is what it felt like; okay I could hear them buzzing and they drive me nuts, so guess who was a tired miserable bunny all day Thursday!!!

If you have a few moments read this blog: It breaks your heart that these poor children could end up in institutions......

Blast from the past, read this post of mine from way back in 2008, it's still as funny in my opinion:

Another thing relating to goats is a book I read recently called "Sunlight and Shadow" by Sue Boggio and Mare Pearl.  One of the character's in the book keeps goats. 

This book kept me on my toes the whole time I was reading it, as you just weren't sure what was going to happen next.  It delves into customs of Mexico as it is set in New Mexico, an area I am not familiar with.

You feel for the main character Abby, and also felt the love and concern of all her neigbours had for her.  A really good book and one worth buying or borrowing from the library.


Piece by Piece said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. The room is now completed, curtains hung, and everything is spic and span. This weekend I will be cutting the fabric for the quilt I am making for the bed. Photo's in due course.
How do you like this Spring like weather? it's been a long time coming.

Rose said...

I didn't look at the videos, but was looking at your columns and read one at each place...I enjoyed reading them.

My daughter had a friend/acquaintance that had a learned to open their doors....they had the door handles that you push down like some storm doors have. They had to replace with regular doorknobs. I wish I could remember all the funny stuff she told about it....the one that did stand out was that it did get in and eat the child's homework...for real.

And I know it did stuff to the mom more than anyone, but can't for the life of me remember what all it was....

Lib said...

Hope you have a great wk.end!