Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bit of a brag and some ways I saved money this week

If you have read my blog for a bit, I have been whining on about the high cost of everything, including groceries.  Anyhoo, on Saturday and Sunday Shopper's Drug Mart was having a bonus redemption event, so instead of only getting $170 worth of free product when you cashed in 95,000 points, you got $200 worth.  So I decided as I had enough points to redeem for $200.

My shopping cart was overflowing and I had to explain to numerous people that I was cashing in my points and had a lot of coupons, so go to another cashier, as I knew it would take a while for me to cash out and it did.  However I ended up getting $270.98 worth of "stuff" for $18.02......I used $52.96 worth of coupons to bring it down and used my points for another $200 discount.

Can you believe that; I was so pleased, mind you of that $18,02, $15.10 was taxes :0(  Still I am stocked up on some things for a while.

Then when I was in town I popped into Zehrs to stock up on half price bread for the freezer.  While in there I spend $50.94, but saved another $41.32 with coupons and 50% discounts. 

So all in all I got $363.24 worth of "stuff" for $68.96.  I wish I could shop like that every week!!

Some other ways I saved money this week:

I didn't use my dryer to dry the clothes, just hung them on the clothes horse to dry overnight.

Washed the laundry in cold water, using cold water laundry detergent.

Took advantage of a 10% of sale and ordered the carpet from a local store for the attic.

Used the toaster oven instead of the main stove oven to cook some meals.

Paid cash for the banisters to be installed, saved taxes and got a reduced hourly installation rate.

Got gas for the car at Canadian Tire, as it is at least a cent or two cheaper pre litre and you get Canadian Tire money back.

Had plumbing work done and paid cash for that as well.

Only went out twice in the car this week, combining a few errands at once.


Valerie said...

Go top of the class, Gill, you did really well.

Janet said...

You know I would do all that -tot up how much 1`d saved myself- and then ending blowing the lot on a treat for myself !! Once in a while won`t hurt.Go on !

Laurie and Bill said...

Great job, Gill! You are so clever with your finances. Wish I could say the same!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! You need to teach me how to shop! LOL!! Those are awesome deals!! :) Good stuff!!

Scrappy quilter said...

Gill you did awesome!! Great job!! Hugs

Elizabeth said...

Gill, where are getting all your coupons? They are not as easy to find these days.

Lib said...

You go Girl! You did GREAT! :o)Love these type savings!!!!!!!
Have agreat wk.

P.s. yes, you can use the towels I make or can use to dec. only.

Canadian Saver said...

I'm curious, what did you get at Shoppers? I can never decide what to spend my points on...

Be proud of everything you got!

Karine said...

Good for you for saving so much!!!

Jane and Chris said...

Way to go!!!
Jane x

Rose said...

Way to go, Gill!!!! I would be talking about this for weeks if it were me.