Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bzzing about Multibionta™ and a video to confuse the heck out of you.....

I am a Bzz Agent and occasionally they let me try things to see what I think of them and in return I get to spread the word about them.

Well at the moment I am trying Multibionta™, which is a multi vitamin with more benefits than a regular one.

It comes in two types one for everyone and one for over 50's.  I have been taking it for a couple of weeks and to be honest with you I am not seeing any difference.  However I think like most things, you need to take it over a longer period of time to see the benefits of this.  I will continue with this after I have used to free samples as it can't do you any harm and if I can benefit from any of the benefits stated that's a plus.

I have some free product coupons and money off coupons if anyone in Canada would like one?  If you would like one, leave me your email address in a seperate comment, and I will email you for your address.  They are only for use in CANADA though, sorry.

I saw this video over at Denise's blog and thought it was interesting, confusing but interesting.  The guy narrating talks really fast so make sure you are paying attention!!!

One thing I will confirm is that it annoys the hell out of me when people ask me if I am Scottish.......I am English through and through, I am not Scottish, Irish or Welsh......though  I am Canadian as well............with an English accent......LOL  I am fortunate to hold dual citizenship of both Great Britain and Canada, or is it the United Kingdom and Canada.  I am now going to have to watch that video again to see what is what..................LOL


Anonymous said...

Hi Gill, it's Chelle from Kenya. I'll be interested to hear about the vitamins after you finish the bottle. I've tried a few brands and can never tell a difference. I'm missing Canada (Mapleridge, BC)
Stay well, All the Best.

Star said...

I don't hold with vitamins at all. I think they're a waste of money. We in the privileged west, have all the vitamins we need in our food. We don't need to supplement them and they can sometimes do more harm than good, especially when mixed with other medication. That's my opinion.
Loved the video, although what is the hurry. The reader spoke so fast, it was off putting.

Connie Walsh said...

The vitamin content in the multibionta is anemic. My doctor has instructed me to take a certain amount of vitamin d and vitamin b12 but multibionta has about 10% of that recommendation.

I guess they are all about the probiotic. My husband has seen a decrease in his need for tums and we are marking that as a win for multibionta.

Jane and Chris said...

I'm with Star on the vitamin front, although we Canada DO need vit D3 in the winter.The alternative is to strip off and spend 15 mins in the sunshine each day... the cold temps we thank you!!!!
I often get asked am I Australian or South African...NO I AM NOT!
I was born British, sound VERY English, I have a Canadian passport and 'home' is Canada.
Jane x

Denise said...

I've read that it takes at least six months before a person gets the benefit of taking these things. I'll be interested in what you think in six months. Thanks for the link to my blog. Have to say that the first time I watched that video my head hurt trying to take it all in, but when you watch it again things start to sink in. The man DID talk very fast. I wonder how long it took for him to get through it the first time without mixing his words up? He certainly got a lot of information out in a relatively short space of time!

Lib said...

Hope the vits. kicks in soon !
Have agreat day!

Karine said...

I LOVED that video Gill, brilliant! It actually cleared some stuff up for me, believe it or not!

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