Friday, March 4, 2011

A very unusual and sad story.......

My friend was telling me that last week in the town closest to us there was a funeral for a mother and her new born baby, they had died in child birth.  Apparently the mother had bled to death.  That is something I don't hear happening at all over here, or does it? 

I thought in this day and age that would be something that would happen in third world countries, but obviously not?  Regardless though I said a prayer for the mother and her baby and the family they left behind, such a sad and shocking story.

On an lighter note, is anyone watching American Idol?  I honestly thought with Simon leaving it would be a terrible show, however I am loving it.  The new judges are great and they have a lot of great talent this year.  My favourite guy is a tie between  Jacob Lusk and Casey Abrams.  My favourite girl is a tie between Thia Megia and Lauren Alaina  One thing I have to say is that they are all pretty young this year. 

Then Survivor has started again and that is actually good at the moment.  I normally don't "get into it" until the tribes are merged.  However I am a huge fan of Boston Rob, so am watching it because of him.

Busy time for me watching tv this week, as on Coronation Street it's been Blanche's funeral and have to say loved the way that was done, Blanche would have been proud. Even had a tear in my eye when Dierdre said the eulogy about her mother.  Can't believe we are nearly a year behind Britain I wish we could catch up a bit......

Enjoy your Friday, the carpenter is still here and will probably be here Saturday as well {SIGH}


John Gray said...

blanch was one of the last working class female characters in the street......that is the same vein as mz Tanner and mrs Sharples
( showing my age)

Jane and Chris said...

Such a sad story. I didn't think things like like still happened.
Jane x

Star said...

No, I don't watch any of those programmes Gill but I'm glad you're enjoying them.
There's always a builder about somewhere, isn't there!

Valerie said...

So sad about the deaths in childbirth. Like you, I would not have expected such a tragic thing in this day and age.
Heehee I didn't know Blanche had died... and you say you're BEHIND us hahaha

Rose said...

I was wondering how Idol was going to be without Simon, and am surprised at how well I like it...I still miss him and Paula but the guys are good now.

I think I am going to enjoy Idol more this year than last...I think they have some amazing talent. I like Scotty....the one with the real deep voice, and I like the Jacob you mention and Stefano and James Durbin...of the girls my favorite is Ashton so far...but I swear I think the girls are all so good. I picked Ashton as my favorite just because of her personality.

Who knows what I will think by the end of the season.

You made a comment on my other blog about you didn't know birds could fly upside only had to be that way for a second. They were getting ready to land and it was as if something big and scary jumped up and said 'BOO!' It was hilarious the way they flew...

Karine said...

That is a very sad story about the mother and her baby. It does still happen all over the world though. My grandmother nearly beld to death in 1956 when she had one of my aunts. The aunt in question, Michelle, unfortunately passed away at birth. My grandmother gave blood every 56 days up until last year, when she stopped at the age of 78 in honor of the people who saved her life by having given blood. If it hadn't been for those blood donors, she would have died too.

As for reality TV...I'm not really that into it so I don't watch any of those shows. I watch CSI New York, Blue Bloods and I used to watch The Tudors until the show ended, so now I'm waiting for The Borgias to start up!

Lib said...

Sad story, i didnt know this type things happened!
A friend of ours 14 yr. old son passed away heart attack! I didnt realize that happened altho he had ahistory of heart problems.
Have agreat wk.end!

angela said...

So sad to hear about the mother and baby.
Looks like the weather is still pretty bad your way, hope the sun comes out to visit you soon. Then he can leave us so I can snuggle on the couch and drink hot choc with my fire on.
Ahhhhhh winter I just love it.

JohnD said...

Very sad situation. That sort of situation is unusual but not unheard of and, when the circumstances come together, can have a disasterous outcome.

medicine has come a long way but doctors and health professionals have limits to what they can do,

Evelyn said...

sad story i agree
used to watch survivor all the time til they changed nighst and i am not at home.
was hesitant to start watching idol again after simon and Paula left, maybe I am missing on a good season

Amanda said...

That's so sad. Things like that happen all the time, it's just we don't hear about it. Things gets missed, Drs makes mistakes...It's sad, but very true.