Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catching you all up with my news....

As you know it was my birthday on Tuesday, I wanted to share with you what my brother wrote on his blog about me.  I was close to tears with that post; that was so nice of him.

One of the gifts I got was this sun catcher, isn't it just gorgeous?

Spring has sort of arrived.  We still have snow but it is melting.  With the melting though everything turns into pure mud, including the driveway.  At this point I am not sure what is worse, the ice or the mud?
The garage has flooded and there is an inch of water standing in there.  It's on my list of jobs to do today to try and shovel the water out........adding more water to the driveway and making it even more muddier!!!  Should be keeping pigs they would be in their element with the mud.

I finally finished staining the new banisters and railing on the stairs.  It's a stinky job though and I still have the varnishing to do.

Got a heck of a deal on Wednesday.  I got an email from Shopper's Drug Mart with a coupon for 20 x the points on Wednesday when you spend $50.  Lean Cuisine/Stouffer's has a promotion on here .

Enter 12 PIN codes from specially marked packages and you will receive $25 in FREE groceries*, consisting of $15 in Free Nestlé product coupons and a $10 grocery gift card to the store you selected at registration.
When you qualify, we’ll automatically mail your reward to the address you supplied us when you registered.
You’re eligible to receive two $25 rewards within the promotional period (February 1 - May 3, 2011), so keep collecting.

The meals were on for $1.99 each and so I decided to pick up 24 meals so I could do two submissions, and something else to put my total over $50.  I ended up getting 20 x the points as I used that coupon, which is worth maybe $15 of free product, plus there was a promotion on when you spend $50 you get a $10 Shopper's Drug Mart gift card, so they gave me that.  Then I'll get two other $10 gift cards from the Nestle promotion, I am choosing Presidents Choice cards.  So all in all this will basically cost me nothing to have bought all that in the end.

Can't say you will get fat on eating those meals, but as I am supposed to be on a diet......failing miserably at the moment......this might make a difference!!!  I wouldn't count on it though, as I love my food!!

The vacuum is now out 24/7 as those bloody cluster flies have woken up and are now invading the house again, along with ladybugs.


Valerie said...

I like your unusual sun catcher but I don't like the sound of those cluster flies. I really hope you manage to cope with all that mud.

Janet said...

Love the sun catcher ! I have a thing about collecting anything with a butterfly or a dragon fly on !loved your brother`s comments ! have a good week !

Star said...

Happy Birthday for Tuesday Gill. I'm sorry I missed you that day!
The sun catcher is gorgeous. I love those things. Unfortunately, our flat faces north so there's not much point in putting one in the window here!
Is that a muddy drive I'm looking at? My goodness, you could do with some warmth to dry that up!

LizBeth said...

I've heard that you can catch flies by putting out a shallow dish of water with enough Lemon Joy dish detergent to turn the water barely yellow. Change the liquid as the flies pile up overnight. If cluster flies like water like houseflies do, maybe it would work????? ~Liz, in suspension

Scrappy quilter said...

That sun catcher is beautiful!! Hugs

Anonymous said...

That sun catcher is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gill! Your brother is too funny, naming his blog like he did! I laughed out loud and even shared that with Sky, lol.

Your sun catcher is beautiful and so are the sentiments that your brother wrote about you. What a lovely gesture.

I tried to check out your link, but I'm not sure it's still functional. Just thought I'd let you know.

Have a great day!

Stephanie V said...

Your brother has a way with words...I was close to tears, too.
Suncatchers are wonderful for making a sunny day even sunnier.

Rose said...

I love what you brother wrote...I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters plus one sister that is now gone...I love having all of them.

Love your sun catcher, too...

Learning to be farmers said...

I have a question but I don't want you to ask on here :D .. is there someway I can email you? or can I ask a question through your commment section, for you to answer but not post online, along with my email address?