Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Busy, busy and a fun video

It's a case of not enough hours in the day at the moment.  I am busy varnishing the banister and handrails on the new stairs.  Which in turn is aggravating my poor aching head.  I have opened a window while doing it, but it's still pretty cold up here, so can only have them open for so long.

I made a couple of shepherd's pies for the freezer yesterday, as ground beef/mince was on sale, plus I had some potatoes that needed using up.

Bit of good news dd got her job permanently after being on contract for nearly a year.  So she now has job security which is good, and in turn it means more money which is always handy.

Funny story about Molly and a squirrel.  Molly was on the back deck when a squirrel was on the railing with a big piece of bread.  It stopped in its tracks when it saw Molly and for a moment there was a bit of a "stare off."  Then the squirrel realized it was only Molly and started to eat it's piece of bread again.  Meanwhile Molly thought she would be sneaky and step one paw at a time closer to the squirrel.  Everytime she did that, the squirrel looked up and again decided it's only Molly.  However when Molly got quite close the squirrel had enough and off it went, with Molly still sitting there.

Not sure if Molly would know what to do with a squirrel if she caught one?  She was limping earlier in the week, no idea what she did with her back paw, but she seems fine now.

I used to work out to Richard Simmons video's all the time.  He has now done an air safety video for Air New Zealand.  Now if you are like me when on board a flight worrying about other things, I tend to get distracted when they are doing the boring air safety directions.  If they played this it would certainly have my attention.

Here is the original song, which I like as well:

Oh and a very "exciting" day in Coronation Street, as Tony has Carla and Haley in the factory............I  have to keep reminding myself, that it isonly a soap opera.....LOL....but heck it is good at the moment.........


Janet said...

Loved the pre- flight briefing video-bet it was a lot of fun to make aswell as watch !

Rose said...

I can just picture, Molly.

Will watch the videos later since all is quiet in this house.

claire93 said...

have to laugh at Richard Simmons and his shorts lol.

LizBeth said...

He's certainly not monotone! ~Liz

Valerie said...

I have to blog that video, Gill. Maybe Saturday, with reference to you of course.

Hope Molly is fine now and no more trouble with her leg.

Karine said...

Yummy yummy shepherd's pies!

As for varnishing the banister I can understand about your head. If ever any varnishing has to be done around me, I open windows and evacuate the premises for the duration and never mind doing it myself!

Prairie Farmstead Ponderings said...

I wanted to pop on over to thank you for visiting our blog and entering the Hodge Podge Give-Away.

And, what a hilarious surprise I had in store for me! Oh my word. I got too distracted looking at everyone's goofy expressions in the background to pay attention to the safety instructions. Heehee!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Funny I was thinking of shepard pie and taco salad. Hubby bought a tub ground beef. Last few nights we had things to with ground beed patties.
As for weather here it been damp and I advice my clients dress as is your visiting England.

Coffee is on.