Sunday, November 14, 2010

A bit of this and a bit of that......

As I was reading Kim's blog yesterday, she was worried that the property around her is going to be sold and developed on, taking away her no neighbour living in the country feel.  It made me reflect on where we live.  We have five acres and our neighbour owns 39 acres, all around us.  Imagine a "C" shape, we are the hole in the "C".  Luckily though for us, our township only allows 2 severances per original homestead/farm of 100 acres.  In our case those severances have already been done.  We are the original homestead, the neighbours above us have the 39 acres, and behind us is another property with the rest of the acreage.  So there can be no more dividing of the land.  Also the land directly behind us is so hilly that it's not much use for anything other than pasture.  If anyone wants to put animals in there, they are going to have to re fence the whole property which I actually don't have a problem with.  Also I have no problem living next to a field full of animals.  So I think I can safely say we shouldn't be getting any more neighbours of the human kind any time soon!!

My poor old swiffer gave up the ghost the other day.  I have had it since they first came out, so it has earned its keep!!

 The new one looks all very fancy dancy, and is actually a bit longer, as although I am only 5' 5" the old one was a bit short.
 We went to dd's on Saturday afternoon and we took them, including ds out for supper to Mr. Greek.  It was good and it had been a while since we had, had Greek food.

I made dd a birthday cake.  However mine isn't as fancy as when she decorates cakes.  Mine was a packet brownie mix, with store bought frosting to go on the top.  Her "pet" name is Cons, that isn't her real name.
I had bought her a cake pan the same as the one I had baked the brownies in, so I took the cake down in the tin, and brought hers home.

Managed to get some more jobs done in the garden, including planting some more spring bulbs.  Fingers crossed the squirrels and the mice don't eat them all!!


LizBeth said...

Happy BDay to your Cons!

Well, you've inspired me. Now I'll have to put up a picture of my new mop. The older we get the more we appreciate these plain things! LOL

Liz, freezing in the Republic, again!

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

The cake looks good Gill, I'll bet it was delicious. Hope your bulbs survive the squirrels and give you some lovely spring colour.

JohnD said...

Yummy - Icing looks scrumptious!

Jane and Chris said...

The squirrels haven't touched our bulbs at all.Do you have red or grey squirrels? We just have red ones here.
Jane x

chksnowqueen said...

One of the reasons that we moved to the small town that we are in was to escape the "living in each other's pockets" feeling of the city. We do not have a huge property, just a nice sized yard of a house built in the 1960's. We could never have afforded such a property in the city.

Lovely cake Gill and happy birthday to your daughter : )

Canadian Saver said...

You did a great job of jazzing up the cake, it looks great!

Piece by Piece said...

I have got to get a new swiffer mop also, I've had mine for a long time so its does not owe me anything.
Your cake looks really yummy.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hbty,hbty, hbddd,hbty!

EG Wow said...

I think you decorate cakes (brownies) way better than I do. :) Yummy looking Too bad about the Swifter! Luckily the new one suits your height though!

The Witch said...

What broke on the old swiffer?
I don't own one but have something similar to it for cleaning our hardwood floors with a removable mirco cloth for easy washing. It's a great product, it really disappointment's me that we have to throw away so many products that don't withstand the test of time.
Lovely cake and I bet it tasted great.
Greek food I just love. We don't have any restaurants here that can compare so it's make it yourself or travel back to T.O. on vacation and visit them like crazy.

Jabacue said...

I love Greek food!! All of it! I am certain there was a Greek in my lineage somewhere. I walked into a Greek restaurant once, the owner thought I was his nephew!! lol

Karine said...

What a yummy looking cake! I love how you used all kinds of different colored icing!

Good luck with the bulbs, my mom gave up planting them ages ago because the squirrels were always getting hers, but we are in a much more urban area so they had less 'natural' stuff to feed on.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill!! Thanks for the mention on your blog--I envy that you don't have to worry about your property changing. We knew when we moved here that this might happen, but hoped that it would be later rather than sooner. Even if we don't manage to get the extra land, we'll still have a nice place to call home, it will just have to be shared and I may be eating a lot of cake if that happens--I so hope it doesn't!

Jane and Chris said...

Gill, you can stop the squirrels getting to your bulbs by sprinkling blood meal all around the soil (and mix some in to the soil too).
Jane x