Saturday, November 20, 2010

How's everyone getting on with their Christmas shopping?

I'm not finished yet, but well on my way. 

I was just sorting out my coupons, I have a special wallet that I keep them in as its 20 x the points at Shopper's Drug Mart today so I want to get those extra points.  Not sure if I'll have enough points to cash in for free stuff soon, as I haven't been shopping there in a while.  However if anyone is going to shop at Shopper's, make sure you buy a $50 Shopper's gift card before you pay for your stuff and then pay for your stuff with the gift card.  You get 500 points for buying the gift card.

I took advantage of a great deal at Mark's Work Wearhouse.  In this weeks flyer there is a great deal, that when you buy $100 in gift cards, you get an extra $20 gift card that you can use between December 1st, 2010 and May 2011.  Also in the flyer there was a $10 off coupon when you spend $50.

So I went in there and bought the $100 in gift cards, and got the extra $20 gift card.

I then bought the things I needed using the gift cards to pay for the items, and also using the $10 off coupon, so saving an extra $10.  They also gave me a $10 coupon that is good for December.  So in December I will buy $50 worth of things, and only pay $20 for them as I have the $20 gift card I got for free and the $10 coupon.

I got an email from Mark's and Spencer with a coupon for 10% off.  I must say I am tempted to order some stuff even though the shipping is 15 pounds.  Our exchange rate with the pound is pretty good at the moment.  It's just a shame I can't get them to send over food items, that would be just perfect.

Are there any other good deals out there, online if you're in a different country to Canada, or in person if you're in Canada, that I should be aware of as I still have a few people to buy for?


JohnD said...

We have QANTAS 'Flybuys' and Velocity points cards. The QANTAS cards works with Woolworths as well as air travel and Rhonda had enough points this year (she uses her card to pay for the groceries) to buy our daughter a $AUS200 gift card at Bunnings, our major hardware, handyman and garden chain. They are going to put it towards buying a new Victa lawn mower. (Now, there's a challenge - Google Victa Lawn Mowers! LOL!)

Star said...

There are lots of offers going on over here all the time Gill, but that's not a lot of help to you in Canada of course. However, since the souvenirs for the Royal Wedding are already being produced, I think they will make great Christmas presents for those people who follow the lives of our monarchy.
I have bought 5 Christmas presents so far and no food. I haven't had a job since July so this is going to be a frugal Christmas for me. In fact, I will be glad when it's over from that point of view. I like to go window shopping but it's very hard when you can't buy anything with your own money.
I'm sure I'm not the only one in that position this year.
Blessings, Star

Valerie said...

The answer to your question is 'I've finished' ... all in one fell swoop. Ordered a couple of things on line, which have arrived, and the rest from a local store. Mind you I spent a small fortune on hubby but that's because he's so good to me and I like to treat him. We have stores that offer good discounts but I'm a bit lazy about putting them to good use. Hope you have a good weekend.

KaHolly said...

You've done well!! My daughter has been playing the coupon game for quite some time now and she makes the most amazing purchases. The other day, we went into a CVS drugstore, she bought 8 items, and her total bill was @2.84. Check out the Maple Leaf site for a sweepstakes (Canada)! ~karen

Lindsay said...


Jane and Chris said...

Hi Gill, do you know how long the Marks $100 gift certificate offer lasts for? We can only get to a Marks on Monday when Chris goes into the office.Chris will be getting new clothes from Marks for Christmas, he has lost weight and his trousers no longer fit!!!
Jane x

Stephanie V said...

I'm done. But I could still make use of some gift cards. Good tips!

Rose said...

Wow,you are getting a good deal at Mark's. I have not started Christmas shopping, other than a couple stocking stuffers for Lorelei.

Lib said...

Wow ,You;re good!!!!:o)
I have all my shopping finished and as of last night wrapped.:o) NOw to enjoy the season!
Have a great wkend!

Josie said...

bought some food and some pressies, I'm supposed to be making something for my mum as well, I hope I get it finished in time!
I had some tesco vouchers and with special offers as well, I bought £69 of food the other day for just £56 !

Josie x

Kim said...

DH & I went to Marks today. He bought 2 pair of dress pants and got a $25 gift card as well as the Dec $10 gift card - pretty good deal.

Anonymous said...

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