Saturday, November 6, 2010

Church Supper and Molly

On Friday night our church hosted a Pork Roast Supper.  For $15 you got roast pork, gravy, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, roasted parsnips, carrots, rutabaga (turnip to the British) and beetroot.  Coleslaw and rolls with butter.  Dessert was apple crisp with a caramel sauce and cream, tea or coffee.

You could go back for seconds if you wanted and there were all sorts of homemade pickles on the tables as well.   This is not my plate, I forgot to take a photo of my plate!!

 This was dessert.
It was held in the "Orange Hall," opposite the church and we ate in the basement which seats 100 people. 
They also had a cake table where pies were $8 each.  I picked up half a dozen butter tarts for $4.  They also had a bread stall and I picked up a dozen tea biscuits for $5.  All in all we had a good time and we enjoyed some great company, all for a good cause.  The last time they made around $3,500.00, so hopefully they will make the same this time.

Thanks also for all your advise regarding Molly.  I think I will pick up some baby oil when I am out next to see if that will help on all her hot spots.  She made the dreadful mistake of wandering upstairs Friday morning as I was heading for a shower!!!  So into the shower she went.   She was NOT happy, as she HATES getting wet period!!

Actually Molly's favourite occupation after watching squirrel tv is what she is doing below!
She has a hard life that poor dog of ours!!


Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Church Suppers are a great place to get a 'cheap' meal - a very good cheap meal. Hope you made a good profit
Molly seems to have a similar attitude to life as my cat - sleep and let the others wait on you
Take care

Stephanie V said...

Looks very yummy, Gill! A very good price, too!

Lib said...

Sounds like a church FEAST:o)
Have a great wk,end.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hello Gill!!! I'm catching up on your blog, and can see that as always you've been busy, which I know is nothing new! :-)

I love church dinners--There's always so many wonderful things to try, and of course I try them all! :-)

I hope Molly is feeling better, and you've had a good weekend--It's cold here in Virginia, but no snow, but there is some in the higher elevations! ~Stay warm!~

Shammickite said...

Was that yummy dinner held in Alliston?

Valerie said...

Thanks for explaining that rutabaga means turnips. My, that was some meal you had at the church - the pictures made me feel quite hungry. I'm on the approach to Sunday dinner and we're also having PORK. Poor Molly, she's so typical of dogs where water is concerned. Mine would voluntarily jump in a filthy lake but would run a mile when the hose came out.

Denise said...

Hope the shower helps Molly and the baby oil. Your church supper sounded lovely.

Karine said...

That looks like a very yummy supper indeed, I've never called a turnip a rutabaga though!

As for Molly, I hope she starts to feel better soon!