Thursday, November 18, 2010

Writing this on Thursday night........

My dad came over on Thursday and we worked down the "new" basement taking up some of the glued down 1974 lino tiles.......a lot harder job than we originally anticipated.  We got what I wanted done, so that was good.  We even started to pull out the nails and screws out of the beams on the ceiling and walls.

Dad is a great worker and he is a hard worker.  Meanwhile I am pooped and am hobbling around as my back is killing me.  However dh is really pleased with what we did and it has saved him a full day's work. 

This Saturday he is going to finish of doing some prep work. The prep work takes longer than the actual job itself.  He has to work on Sunday.  Then the following Saturday we need to put the tar paper on the walls...........not sure why we are doing this but we are.  Then I hope the following Saturday we will be putting up the stud walls and the following Saturday insulating.

Dh generally has a Saturday off but seems to be working most Sundays at the moment, as well as Monday through Friday, he too is a super hard worker.

Meanwhile it's 8pm at night, and I am heading to my bed, to see if laying down helps my back.  Hoping a good nights sleep will do my back a world of good, it generally does.............

(P.S. haven't dealt with the computer/photo problem yet, haven't had the time yet)


Friday morning and after a nights sleep my back is good again, thank goodness!


Denise said...

Good working ethics run in your family Gill. BTW your header photo is incredible. Hope your back feels better in the morning.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Hi Gill! I'm just catching up on your last 2 posts and once again appreciate the reminder of the snow fence--We had thought we would put one up this year because we got really (!!) snowed in last year.

I also wanted to tell you that I made your pumpkin muffins this afternoon--I made it into a loaf instead and you are so right, it is just delicious!! I'll be taking a frosted loaf to work on Friday, if we don't eat it first! THANKS again for the recipe! I hope your back feels better!! Take care!

JohnD said...

Nothing more important than good prep work - makes for a proper, lasting, job. Tar Paper would be to act as a 'damp barrier'. As your "reno's" are sub-ground level ensure the stud wall is lifted off the ground about 5mm with some non-porous supports - e.g. ceramic tile pieces.

Hope your back improves?

LizBeth said...

We have your smiling face on the sidebar, so don't get in any hurry about pictures. Everything is just fine. Take good care of your back. Does it help you any to lie on your side with a pillow between your knees and your legs drawn up in a fetal position? They swear you can avoid back surgery with the right kind of strengthening exercises. Take care of yourself!

Liz, w/ a slight warming trend in The Republic

Valerie said...

It's amazing what a decent lie down does for an aching back. I'm pleased it feels better now. Am I right in thinking tar paper is to prevent damp getting through?
Have a great weekend.

Lib said...

Glad your back is better!:o)
Happy to hear you have some good workers! Enjoy you Dad (I know you do) I miss my parents so much !
Have a great wk.end!

JohnD said...

Glad your back is better. I've had back surgery and never again! My specialist now tells me that, provided there is no structural damage like a prolapsed disc, the 'best treatment', is rest, a good bed to lie on and adequate pain relief and most bad backs will get better by themselves.