Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Advent Calendars and other stuff

One of the things my kids look forward to each year is receiving an Advent Calender from my mother in England.  Now granted they are nearly 27 and 25, but Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the Cadbury's Advent Calender.  They haven't arrived yet, but I am assured they are on their way. 

Now one year my mother thought she would pay a bit more for the calender's and buy the mixed chocolate one.  When dd started to open the windows out would pop these fruit and nut chocolates and the nut chocolates.  She was horrified as none of us like currents, sultanas and raisins.  She was even amazed when my mother told her that Cadbury's Fruit and Nut Chocolate was one of the best selling chocolate in Britain.  As dd said she couldn't even give way those chocolates.

So now my mother just sticks with the plain Cadbury's chocolate.  As I have told my mother, don't bother sending them, as it costs her more to mail them than it does to buy them, but she still insists and both my kids (the little stinkers) keep saying to her that Christmas wouldn't be the same without Nana sending over those Advent Calendars!!

Now the chocolates in these advent calendar's are so tiny it's crazy.  However when I was over at Shirley's blog she had come up with a novel advent calender for a chocolate lover like myself.  Pop over and have a look and you'll see why I thought it was just the best.

I spent a couple of hours on Tuesday morning catching up on people's blogs.  I think I got most people visited; but if I missed you would you yell at me!!

So I have figured out a way of uploading photos onto my blog again.  It's a bit of a pain, but not sure what else to do.  I am loading them onto Photobucket and going from there.

So in celebration of the fact I have figured out how to do this, here is a photo of Molly.  She has stinky ears again at the moment, so I am putting ear drops in her.  Must say stinky ears are a regular occurrence with her and she is not a fan of having drops put in her ears!!

Her stomach is also not happy with all the scratching.  I must remember to get some baby oil next time I am out to see if that will help.


Leiani said...

Advent calendars are a Christmas tradition in our house too. Even Del insists on having one. But I must say I have to disagree with you over the fruit and nut chocolate, it's my favourite type. You can send any you don't want my way LOL!!!!

LizBeth said...

Molly is just as pretty as ever. So sorry about the stinky ears and her itchy tummy. . . . . . . . . But all this chocolate talk -- and I haven't even eaten breakfast, yet!! Now I'm really hungry!!! ~Liz

Pom Pom said...

Oh that Molly is very sweet! Poor girl, stinky ears! I hope the drops give her relief.
I've been thinking about advent calendars and I think it's time for this granny to send one to a four year old, a three year old, a two year old, two one year old girls, and a six month old. I will begin my hunt.

Karine said...

I have the Advent calendar that my mother made for my brother and I when we were little. It's a Christmas tree with a calendar below it for December 1st to the 24th and for each day there is an ornament to velcro to the tree. I'll have to get the calendar out this weekend and decorate my place, I'm looking forwar to being able to put the ornaments on the calendar!

Janet said...

oh ! molly looks a real poppet ! chocolate fruit and nut- yum !

The Witch said...

I also love Advent calendars but ours never had chocolate behind them. Usually old fashion pictures or even sayings. Still I use to love them. I keep re-using my old ones because the card stores don't carry them anymore.
Though the chocolate ones sound sinfully delightful.
Molly looks cute as a button sitting on her throne. I think she may be a wee bit spoiled!

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
I used to get them for our 'kids' when they were little in England. Even tho' they were sold here I gave up on the habit when we came to Australia. No chocolate for us -don't think they had them at that time. I used to get them the European type with the little pictures behind the doors, must be the ones The witch is referring to. Of course these days crafty Mums make enormous reusuable felt type thingys that hang on the wall and come out each year
Thanks for the memory

Rose said...

Glad you figured a way to upload your photos...blogging sure becomes part of our lives, doesn't it? When I stayed with my daughter last month and had so little time, it was just plain weird no to visit my regular blogs. And no time to really post...

Denise said...

Lovely picture of Molly. Poor thing with the allergies and the ears. I remember our dog used to have problems with her ears. Advent calendars were a big thing in my family growing up and I used to get them for son. Love fruit and nut chocolates but I love ALL chocolate :) My father-in-law introduced me to raisins with chocolate around them, I also love coffee beans with chocolate on them but honestly, I have to stay away from those or I would be bouncing off the walls.

Kim said...

i just picked up an avent caledar for my 13 yr old yesterday.

Just wondering why you cannot just upload photos directly from your computer, it is what I do with no hassles and I use blogger as well.

Stephanie D. said...

Poor Molly! Tandi has trouble with her ears, too, being a cocker spaniel. We are constantly battling ear infections, particularly in her right ear, and her right hind foot gets discolored when the ear is really bad.