Thursday, July 10, 2014

Update on blind I ordered over the internet.....

I first mentioned in this post about ordering a blind online for our bathroom from Blinds Galore.  Our daughter had ordered a couple and was pleased with hers so I thought I'd give them a try.

I ordered it on June 30th and it arrived on July 9th via Fed-Ex.  Now remember both Canada and the States had a holiday during that time, but I thought it arrived in a timely fashion.

Took dh all of 15 minutes to install it and it fit perfectly.

I ordered :
1 Blindsgalore® Cellular Shades: 3/8" Double Cell Traditions
  • Top Down/Bottom Up Lift
  • 22.25"W x 41.25"H
  • Taupe 4007
  • Mount - Inside Mount
  • (This item is for Bathroom ensuite)
  • $180.66
    Processing Fee:$5.99
    I am very pleased with it and it looks good and works exactly like I wanted it too.  If you are like me very skeptical in ordering blinds online, I would recommend these guys. 

    I am going to get something very similar in our family room next, when I save up some money.

    You can by the way get them cordless as well, but that is extra and for this purpose the cords weren't a problem.


    Jane and Chris said...

    That shipping time is excellent!
    Jane x

    bonsaimum said...

    Looks good. :)

    Rose said...

    I am glad you were pleased! It looks like it could not possibly fit any better.

    Evelyn said...

    looks perfect!