Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunburst Drapery Treatment........

In our master bedroom we have a half moon window.  You will not believe how much light that bloody window lets into our bedroom.  As with everything in life, nothing is ever simple.  This window is not exactly a half circle.  It is 61 1/2 inches across and only 29 inches high at the high point.  After talking to a woman in a store who has one of these windows and was quoted over $700 for a California Shutter type of covering for her half circle I decided to take matters into my own hands.
Dh had some of this pipe, he said it is used in plumbing(?), it is stiff enough to go into the half circle and to hold the sheers.
 I bought sheers that matched  the ones on the main window and cut them in half and hemmed them.  The measurement of my pipe to cover the half circle was 94 inches.  I bought 5 panels at 50 inches wide and cut them in half, to get the fullness I desired.
 You slide the panels on the pipe, and then thread some string through the bottom hem.  I made my panels 30 inches long by the way.
 Now this is what it looks like more or less finished.  I am having issues with everything gathered in the middle.  I need to look into this further to see what I can do to make it tidier.
 I also spent the afternoon taking up the 8 sheer curtain panels.  I still have the four drapery panels to take up but didn't have any thread the same as the chocolate brown colour of the drapes.
 I couldn't get a decent light to take the photos.
I have to say this wasn't overly cheap to do all these window's.

I needed 13 sheer panels at $32.99 each =$428.87 (bought them at Bed, Bath and Beyond)
4 drapery panels @ $29.99 each = $119.96 (got them on sale @ Lowes)
2 short double drapery poles @ $69.99 each = $139.98 (bought them at Bed, Bath and Beyond)
1 long double drapery pole @ $79.99 - 20% = $63.99(bought them at Bed, Bath and Beyond) 
1 pair end finials = $19.99 (bought them at Bed, Bath and Beyond)

subtotal: $772.79
13% taxes: $100.46

Total: $873.25

I am sure you can do this a lot cheaper and also a lot more expensive.  We are pleased with the results and it suits us.


Anonymous said...

Love your solution, Gill! I would be very intimidated to try something like that!

T'Pol said...

Love your new home! I must say your solution is pretty smart but is it blocking the light enough? I used to have rolling shutters but I got rid of them. After replacing the windows with no shutters, my bedroom started to be too bright. Mom made me a black panel to use under the regular drapes and sheers. It looks kind of ugly from the outside but who cares?

Enie Dub said...

Great solution!

Terra said...

That is not in my skill set and you did a beautiful job sewing a solution.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

That is so clever, it looks amazing too.

Cathy said...

Looks good Gill - I'm sure after living with it for a while you'll be able to ajust the folds and achieve the look the you are after.
Take care

Evelyn said...

you did an awesome job!

Karen Barry said...

Thought of another solution. You could make a frame by bending wood that would basically pop into that window. Then buy a roll shade in sunblock fabric, cut it to fit the frame and then staple it to the frame. You would have a smooth light-blocking insert. The sun-blocking fabric comes in all colors and thicknesses.

flowerpower said...

Looks great and very professional.

William Kendall said...

A creative solution!

Kathleen said...

Very nice fix. We also have small odd shaped transoms and windows like this. Since we work nights and try to sleep during the day, I used window film (comes in all kinds of shades) in a medium tone. It was fairly cheap, easy to do it myself, cut down on the intense glare and help to keep the rooms cool in summer. I can still see clearly outside, but from the outside it looks as if my windows are polished clean and my lace sheers are still visible, but it is more difficult to see in. I love the look and the energy savings.

Piece by Piece said...

Love the look, great job.

Piece by Piece said...

Just had a quick look at all your recent posts, (recently returned from a wonderful vacation with my new man), thanks for the tour of your new home, it looks fantastic.

Congratulations, hope you have many years to enjoy it, you both deserve a less hectic life.