Monday, June 30, 2014

The spare bedroom and bathroom

Our second/spare bedroom is in the basement.  To have a completely finished basement was an extra $54,000.  We chose to only have the bedroom, bathroom, and a linen closet completed.  They also drywalled and taped/sanded the main room, which they weren't supposed to do.  So all we have to do to section off a couple of rooms, do the remainder of the electrics; think I know an electrician ;0) and do the finishing off, which believe me will cost less than the $40,000 the builder wanted from us to do it.  Already one of the drywall trades on site have handed me a card!!

This is what you see when you walk into the bedroom.  As you can see we have over sized basement windows.  I have no idea as yet what sort of window coverings I am planning on putting in there yet?
We have a queen sized bed in here and there is a full walk-in closet.
This is looking from the closet end of the bedroom. 
A view from the door. 
 Next door to the spare bedroom is the second bathroom in the house.  It's not huge but well appointed.   
 It has one of those all in one showers with a seat in it.  So ideal if we have older people to stay.  If we need to bath the kids they can have a bath in our bedroom.
The only upgrade we got was an upgrade in the linoleum flooring, as it was a heck of a price to put in ceramic tiles and we would like to put underfloor heating in this bathroom when we do put in tiles. 
Like all new houses we have had teething problems.  I am so grateful to have such a handy husband.  He spent part of Sunday morning, sorting out all the heating vents.  It was freezing cold in the basement and hot on the main floor.  Now the central air doesn't seem to be running 24/7 like it has been doing.  Thank you to my handy hubby!

Dd ordered a couple of top down/bottom up cellular shades from Blinds Galore a couple of weeks ago.  We were a bit wary about ordering blinds online, but we were there when they arrived and I even helped (sort off) dd put them up.  They were really good quality and a perfect fit.  So I ordered one for our bathroom on Sunday.  I will let you know more about them when I get the blind I ordered.


Evelyn said...

love seeing the new developments in your lovely home

William Kendall said...

It looks like a pleasant guest suite!

Terra said...

It is nice to see your attractive 2d bedroom and bathroom, which will be handy for guests.

barbara woods said...

love seeing your house

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