Friday, June 13, 2014

Done like a toasted bun...........

Bit crispy on the outside, but still soft on the inside.

That is how I felt after doing our errands on Thursday.

Met up with the lawyer to sign the paperwork for selling our house.  We are only putting down a deposit on the new house as the condo corp., won't be registered until the 25th of the month.  So we are "sort of renting" the house until then.  It's all very standard stuff, but a bit annoying. Have to pop into their office on Monday when they have prepared a couple of cheques for us to hand over to the new house lot.

Got a bit of a surprise though, to discover that our lawyer is also the lawyer for the people buying our house.  No one had bothered to tell us that.  So the lawyer wasn't happy.  On the plus side it may help us close a little faster......we hope.

We then had to deliver snow fences and posts to dh's boss' house.  He lives on 50 acres, and most of it is wooded.  I DID NOT get out of the car to help as I could see the mosquito's and between me and you they had been eating their spinach, as they were huge.  Dh didn't spend too long unloading the stuff either when he saw them!!

Did our civic duty and voted.  Our voting station is a good 20 minute drive from where we live......dead as a dormouse in that place, just walked straight in and voted.  Funny as come Monday we are in a different county.

As you may or may not know it's The World Cup, for those of you who are not sporty, it soccer/football.  Dh thinks he has died and gone to heaven for a month.  He is a huge soccer/football fan and of course he is rooting for England.  Me, well it's a bloody inconvenience as they have moved Coronation Street to 11am during the day {SIGH}  Missed it on Thursday because I thought it started at 12:30 pm.

Anyhow, back to the soccer.  Dh put on ESPN on the radio to listen to the Brazil vs Croatia game while we were driving around.  I couldn't stop laughing as they had an Irish commentator with a thick Irish accent.  I'm British so have a good handle on the accents from the British Isles, but even I was struggling to keep up with him.  At one point I am sure he said something about "stopping the bus."  I even said to dh what on earth is he talking about?  Buses have nothing to do with soccer/football, do they?

Dh didn't find it as amusing as I did, but then I am not a huge fan of soccer or any sports come to think of it.  We have the kids coming up on Saturday and dh has told me, if they are still here at 6pm when England is playing they either have to be quiet or go's a serious business being an ardent soccer fan you know!!!

It's Friday the 13th today and I am going to embrace the day, rather than worry something bad could happen........hopefully I'll be back posting tomorrow!!


Evelyn said...

Hmm between the stanley cup playoffs and the World Cup i will be watching alot of TV this weekend!

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Have a wonderful Friday the 13th ! and I too am not a fan of sports, very fortunate hubby is not either.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Moving is a hassle, isn't it? Well, it will be done soon. I watch Coronation Street as well but on my Roku and am several months behind but I love it!

Jane and Chris said...

13 is a lucky number in this house!! No World Cup fever here either.
Jane x

Anonymous said...

My parents are Brits and I visited them during the world cup of 2010 (here in Ontario), after living out of province for 3 yrs.

My dad asked me to find something to do during the England game and take my kids (his grand kids) with me. I said I haven't seen you in almost a year and he said 'well, I haven't seen England play in 4. Go see your mates'

We laughed but he is glued to the tv this month, lol

William Kendall said...

No interest in the World Cup, except to know when it'll finally be over.

My voting place was a minute's walk from my front door.

fizzycat said...

Not interested in the World cup but husband is a bit so certain matches get viewed.
Have been known to shout at refs (I'm from a football mad house originally)so can follow the game if needed.
Best to keep something good to read in when it gets boring lol

Karen said...

One day I was in town, at the mall, I noticed the advanced poll was open and there wasn't a soul in there, so I popped in and did my civic duty. I hope they had a better turn out being right across the mall hall from the grocery store entrance and all.
I managed to set automatic tuning so I didn't miss Corrie. I didn't want to miss those end of week episodes with all the excitement going on!
I'm rooting for England today. I HATE American football but love soccer. I loved playing with the grandkids when they would visit.
I had the same lawyer as my purchaser when I sold a piece of land a few years ago. BIGGEST mistake of my life when things went bad... I hope and pray it all goes well for you.

Jane said...

My daughter and I were cheering England on as well but RATS they lost to Italy, very disappointed as they looked pretty good, I thought!