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Monday, June 9, 2014

I don't normally talk about politics but.........

this week we have a provincial election and for the first time in many, many years I have no desire to vote.

Why; because I have no faith whatsoever in any of the leading parties.  I honestly don't believe a word that comes out of any of their mouths.

I will of course vote, as it is a privilege to be able to vote; in many countries throughout the world people are not able to vote.  I will however not be voting for one of the three main parties this time which will be a first.  I think it shows how bad our major political parties are when I am having to do this.

Just my opinion.......

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I know what you mean. The only thing with giving your vote to one of the fringe parties is you make it more likely that we will end up with a minority government again. And then no one will be able to get anything done. Luckily, we have a fabulous candidate that does great work here in Renfrew, Pembroke, Nipissing.

I'm conservative... but I've yet to be able to vote Conservative. The party federally and provincially is dominated by neocon jackals that think the opposition must be annihilated at all costs. It disgusts me. And I saw first hand the chaos that Hudak's mentor wrecked on the province in the school system. Never again.

As disappointed as I am in the government at the moment, come Thursday I know where my vote is going.

I didn't want to vote either, but knew I had to. When I got to the advanced poll, I was surprised to find three more candidates on the ballot that I wasn't even aware of! I chose to vote for one of these, though I won't disclose who. I think it's important for society to see that those "other" votes are starting to add up.

Feeling the same way here, when two of the major three parties made a stupid decision to not include MP's who morally believed a certain way, they lost any potential vote from me. I agree it is a priviledge to vote but hard to do so when left with few choices.

Have you heard of the "None of the above" campaign here in Ontario?
It certainly sends a message to our useless politicians.
BTW I cannot post comments when reading your blog through Bloglovin"

I hear you and feel the same way both parties are worthless here, I feel like going Inie / Minnie / mieny /Moe. lol

My plan is to simply vote for the lesser evil. :/

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