Thursday, June 12, 2014

Donating bedding.........

I decided to have a good clear out of the linen closet and had a pile of sheets, towels and a couple of old blankets to donate.

I went to a charity shop in town and asked them if they wanted them.  She said yes as long as they weren't stained etc.  Looked at the pile they had and decided mine were a heck of a lot better, so went to unload them from the car.  Took the pile of sheets in first. 

Went back to the car and picked up the pile of towels. There was a lady walking up to the door, so I asked her if she could hold the door open for me.  She did just that and saw what was in my hands.  She said they would be perfect for the local humane society.  The conversation then went like this:

Charity Shop Lady, "No she said they were for us."

Humane Society Lady, "Yes but I know her."

(Me, thinking I have no clue who you are.)

Charity Shop Lady," But she said they were for us."

Humane Society Lady, "But as she knows me, I'll have them."

I am stood there in between the pair of them with my head going back and forward not knowing what to do.  So I say to the Charity Shop Worker, that the towels aren't the best and maybe they would be better for the Humane Society and she says fine.

I then go outside to get the two blankets and again we go through the same thing and again the Humane Society wins.  If they had been in a lot better condition I would have let the Charity Shop have them all.

At the end of the day I am just happy that they all went to good homes.  Also my linen closet is not full to the top with old linens I have no use for.

Do you donate to charity shops?


Sue said...

I've donated lots to charity shops over the years and bought lots from them too. Now that we have almost just what we need I guess I won't be donating as often, but I would much rather donate than send to landfill as long as the goods are suitable for re-selling.

After working in charity shops for years I know that a lot of folk just see it as a way to get rid of anything, sometimes good and sometimes literally rubbish.

I'm sure the humane society were chuffed with their haul from you, but what a quandary and awkward position to put you in!!

Evelyn said...

I always donate to thrift stores mainly Value Village. If things are stained or torn they go into the garbage right away. I have a small house and little storage so have to keep things decluttered.

Debby said...

Had to laugh at this. I donate to both goodwill and the animal shelters, have never had both of them in front of me at the same time :)

Boyett-Brinkley said...

yes, I donate to Goodwill because it is handy and there are lots of drop off places. I have had many garage sales in the past but they are too iffy if you really want to get rid of stuff -- sometimes you have a good sale, other times not. However, where we live now, we aren't allowed to have garage sales so I just donate. I have been selling books to a used book dealer around the corner but I am going to start donating those to the library.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

That is so strange and awkward! I don't know what I would have done, but you are right - at least they went to a good cause.

Jane and Chris said...

The humane society lady isn't doing them any favours is she?!
Jane x

50 and counting said...

GoodWill or the SPCA get our things. The SPCA can always use towels and beddings for the kennels.

Everything else goes to Goodwill.

Will not support Value Village as they are expensive and very little of the funds raised actually make it to the charities they advertise as supporting.

William Kendall said...

Quite a quandary to find yourself in!

Rose said...

I would not have known how to handle it. Yes, I have two big garbage bags of stuff sitting now to go to a charity. I always wish I had the patience to wait and have a yard sale, but once I decide something should go, I want it gone and don't want to fool around with it any more.

Terra said...

Oh you are so popular, two gals sparring over your offerings. We give away stuff to charity regularly, especially clothing, shoes, etc. 3 different charities have truck routes in our neighborhood so I just put out a bag of donations on the day of their route.

megan blogs said...

I've donated to charity shops and have never had them fight over my donations!

A friend of mine works at a humane shelter and just sent a reminder that any towels or blankets, no matter how tatty, can be used by the shelter. They also accept t-shirts, which they cut up and use as cleaning rags.

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

How was your neck from going back & forth? x