Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some people have grass on their front lawn..........not us

{{SIGH}} one day it will be grass I guess!!

I tidied up the basement the other day.   We have a lovely big basement.  The doors on the right of the photo are doors to the furnace room, the double doors are a linen closet and the other door is a full bathroom.  Just down from that door is the bedroom. 
This is looking from the other end.  The door at the end is the cold cellar and the stairs are stained to match the hardwood floors on the main floor. 
Why I am showing you the basement, is I went and purchased some floor paint to paint the floor.  We will not be finishing the basement in the next few months, so to keep down the dust I decided to paint the floor.  It will take at least a week or so with drying time to get it all done.  I cashed in our Aeroplan miles and got a $100 gift card for Home Hardware.  At $37.99 a gallon of floor paint it paid for a lot of the three gallons I picked up.  I think however I will need a couple more gallons before it is all done though.  I will update you on how I got on next week.

Are you doing any painting at the moment?


Evelyn said...

I have never painted in this house Gill. love the basement, so much potential! said...

Great basement! Are you doing oil or latex floor paint? Lawns are a lot of work and highly overrated but at least they keep the dust down, too!

EG CameraGirl said...

Sounds like a BIG job. I have never painted a floor. Looks like you now have tons of space!

Mysti said...

Maybe I am dumb...but how does painting the floor cut down on dust? By sealing it?

I have never painted a floor. But if you get can paint a rug design on the floor and make it decorative!

Oh, and when my parents built a house in 1987...we moved in on Dec 31. They couldn't even plant grass until April....and it was probably July before we had a lawn.

William Kendall said...

That does sound like it's a lot of work!

Jane said...

I have painted the floor in my furnace room and laundry room and plan to again. The paint was really smelly though I'm sure the paint company has made progress in that area. At least I hope so!

Rose said...

I'd love to have that big, lovely basement! Lots of room there.

The Witch said...

Before starting to paint the floor check with the paint company or the hardware store. The new concrete basement floor holds in water for quite some time before actually drying out. This may cause your paint to peel. You can test a area by placing a plastic bag and taping it to the floor. Wait a day and lift the plastic off the floor. If you see moisture or wetness you may have to wait before painting.
When we build 8 years ago I was told this because like you I wanted to paint the floor right away.
You have a very nice big basement.
Just love seeing all the pictures of your new house.

Winifred said...

My goodness that basement is bigger than our house!

Hope the grass grows soon, houses on new estates create a lot of mess & you can't beat the feel of grass beneath your feet in summer.