Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sucked in hook, line and sinker..........

Did your mother tell you always to watch for the quiet ones as they could be dangerous?  Well I forgot that the other day, and I was sucked in.

Don't worry it wasn't anything dangerous infact it's funny how it all happened.

On Tuesday evening we met up with the big boss of the company who is building the new house as we wanted to take photos of the stud walls before they drywalled them.  The reason for this is so if we make any changes down the road dh can refer back to the photos as to where the wires are etc.

We signed a waiver saying we are not to go into the house on our own while it is being built.  Which is fine by us and in the past either the sales guy or the security guy has gone with us.  But this time it was the big boss.  He is such a quiet guy and very friendly and very much involved in the day to day operation of the homes.  He takes great pride in the workmanship and the trades he employs do a super job.

The living room of the new home ceiling is nearly twelve feet high and is very impressive.  We talked about it and in the model home there was a coffered ceiling like this:

Big boss said I'll take you the other Cortina home we have a couple of doors down.  We had looked at this one when we were deciding which house we were going to buy and didn't want this one as it was the middle of a row of houses so didn't get as much light as our corner lot.  So we walk down to the other house and walk in and it's all drywalled and tiles in etc so a lot further on.  However the show stopping feature of this home is the ceiling in the living room.  It is a WOW factor and more; it is gorgeous.

It's not just the square boxes like the photo above it is custom designed by him to fit the way the room will be set out and for how the family would live in it.  

So I said to him, "You're not as daft as you look."

Big Boss had no idea what I meant.

I said, "You knew what you were doing by bringing us to look at this, knowing fine well I would want one."

Big Boss says," I am a terrible salesman, so wouldn't do that."

This guy is a perfect salesman, quiet and not pushy.  So we are waiting to see how much all this will cost in our house, as again ours is slightly different and the way we will use the room would be different that this other house.  Bang goes my budget out of the window, as this is not only a show stopper it is an investment if/when we sell the house.

As I said at the beginning, always be careful of the quiet ones!!


Debby said...

WOW, he would have sucked me right in to Gill. That is stunning

The Witch said...

Really love the ceiling and the light fixture choice the home owner picked out. Complements each nicely.
What a salesmen.

Fran said...

That ceiling certainly does have the wow factor, great salesman! xxx

Out My window said...

You get a line and I'll get a pole, honey, baby....

Sandi McBride said...

I hope you will be posting photos throughout the construction process...would love to see the progress,

Em Parkinson said...

It's going to be fabulous Gill. A truly good salesman is a rare thing these days - they're all FAR too pushy.

William Kendall said...

Quiet and not pushy... that's a good combination, actually.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

Just to see it is to want it I guess! It is beautiful, I hope you can get it!