Sunday, March 2, 2014

Buying a new mattress.......

We have been married coming up 31 years and in that time we have had two mattresses.  So we are long overdue for a new mattress I would say.  Plus I am fed up of dh whining about sleeping in the "valley" in the middle of the mattress.  We went to a couple of places but ended up buying one from Sleep Country Canada.  We bought this one:

Simmons Beautyrest WC Elite™ Imperial Luxe

Luxurious fabrics and cushioning combine with durable foams in the Imperial Luxe to achieve maximum comfort. This mattress has the perfect combination of a High Performance Coil System and comfortable foams.
•  A ventilated AirCool® BeautyEdge® Foam encasement provides extended support down to the edge while providing breathability to keep you cool throughout the night
•  Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology provides conforming back support to help alleviate aches and pains
•  Exclusive to Sleep Country - Luxurious silk & wool blend fibre help to enhance the sleep surface 
•  Exclusive to Sleep Country
- TruTemp™ Gel posturized foam provides pressure relief, promotes freedom of movement and provides a comfortable sleeping temperature by helping to regulate your body temperature
•  Made with AirCool™ memory foam and an AirCool border for increased breathability

Now as with anything that involves me there is a story to be told.  It does not excite me one little bit laying down on a bed in a showroom.  Why?  I have this thing about head lice and laying on a bed that other people have laid in that may or may not have head lice does not thrill me.  So I refused point blank to lay on any beds until we were absolutely sure we were going to buy one.  Saturday was the day we decided to buy one, so that was the day I finally relented to lay down on various beds to try them out.

Quite interesting trying out different beds as it was very clear how different they were to lay on.  I am a half front, half side sleeper and dh sleeps on his back, so we prefer a firm bed with a little give.  We bought a queen size bed.  We thought about a king bed, but dh is permanently cold and the heat my body gives off keeps him warmer, and we sleep closer together in a queen bed.

We also bought a pillow each for us, mine was $90 and we got dh's for half price at $75.  She told us they should last three years, I hope so as I have never bought pillows that expensive before.  Bought the pillow protectors and "had" to buy the mattress protector at $120 for extra warranty.  We got the mattress set for $1,300 as we are getting last year's colours; it should have been $2,400.  We did try out a few models but kept coming back to this one.  Considering you spent a good portion of your life in bed, it's well worth the expense to spend a little more in my opinion.

We have also ordered a new bed frame, but that won't be here until the end of April, so will share photos with you then.

So this is where dh's tax refund is going this year!

When was the last time you bought a new mattress?


ChrisJ said...

Imagine spending $1,000 more just for the sake of the color!

Angela said...

We had a new mattress after about 12 years, and then just before our Silver Wedding our daughters bought us a new bed - with twin mattresses side by side on the base. This has been brilliant, esp when Bobs apnoea has been bad, or when we go to bed at different times- one getting in [or out] doesn't disturb the other so much. I wish you peaceful slumbers on your new mattress.
Good nights are vital to good days. Bedtime blessings!!

Debby said...

We are due a mattress as well, hope to lay down the cash with our tax refund. I too like you hubby am sick and tired of laying in the valley, I call it the hot dog bun. Our mattress is 6 years old and we turn/flip it each month but it still didn't hold up like it should have :(

Evelyn said...

we have never bought a new mattress or bed, we are still sleeping on the one hubbys parents gave us when we got married (1991)It was second hand from the hotel they used to own.

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Our mattress is well over 10 years old and also has a valley, but we plan to hold off getting a new one until we can sell our home and move. We are not planning to keep the current BR furniture and all can go. We will most likely invest in a better one the next time.

Sandy said...

We bought our second king a few years ago and love it. Will admit that instead of the valley in the middle, we have a hump between us. We each have our own little valley on each side of the bed. When I'm cold I have to roll up the incline to hubby's warmth. So good choice in sticking with a queen. I would have gone back to a queen except we had the king bed set. Enjoy some good sleeps. And even though I ended up buying the pillows from the store I didn't like them and went back to my old standby. Wish it was easier to find a good pillow.

Jane and Chris said...

The main mattress is just shy of 20 yrs the spare is 24 years old. I HATE mattress shopping..they all feel the same to me, in the store.
Jane x

Mysti said...

We got our foam mattress 2 years ago, and love it. We also got the upgraded pillows (I think they were $80 each) and they are ok. Not sure they were totally worth it.

I hope your mattress pad is better than ours. We got it too...for the warranty. Well, it never fit right. No matter how much I tucked it under, it was always loose on the bed. As soon as you moved, it started bunching. I even tried putting another cover OVER it....still didn't work. I just took it off.


Piece by Piece said...

My late DH had back problems, so we bought a very firm one so many years ago I cannot remember. It has stood up very well, no "valley", I do turn and flip on a regular basis though.
Sweet dreams on your new mattress.

T'Pol said...

I bought a queen bed frame and a mattress back in 1997. I still have the frame but I have changed the mattress after 10 years. It is the second firm mattress the chain carries and I absolutely love it. One side has an extra padding with wool filling. That is for the winter months. The other side is for summer. I have a cotton filled protector on the mattress. I do not like the foam mattresses at all.

Jane said...

I can't remember when I last bought a mattress so I guess it's been TOO long! However I did buy 2 memory foam toppers in the last few years for my bed and the spare - I just love them. But then I can sleep quite well on the sofa too, or my recliner!

Cash Only Living said...

Great purchase! But I know what you mean about trying out mattresses--ick. I can't really lay down and try to get into a comfortable sleep position in a showroom full of people...eeekkk.

William Kendall said...

I've got the valley, so to speak, at the left side of the mattress.

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man said...

Ahhhh for a new mattress! We sleep on two old ikea mattresses! I would love love love a new one! Sleep well! Ps - on swagbucks now, have worked it out :)

Rose said...

I hope it turns out to be exactly what you want. Now I will never see try out a bed without thinking about headlice...not that I try them out anyway cause I just don't like laying on a bed in public.

My thing that I worry about is bedbugs from a hotel room...before we ever settle in, I always pull the sheets back and look in the seams around the edge for any sign of them. Seems like I keep reading about this hotel and that hotel having trouble with them.