Monday, March 24, 2014

Some photos from the home show with a lot of links for you to go too if you want.

We went to the Canada Blooms/National Home Show at the Direct Energy Centre in downtown Toronto on Saturday and we had a good time.  So much so we were rushing at the end as we wanted to leave before the Toronto FC game got started.

Saw a lot of neat things and purchased a couple of things.  We put a deposit down on the central vac system below.  It's a Beam Electrolux  model # 650SB and is an all singing all dancing model.  We saved $700 on the regular price and for what we got we were happy with the price.  

Don't worry I didn't buy this.  I thought the shower head was neat with the LED lights; but the $1,500 price didn't excite me!

I had never heard of Bertazonni appliances, it was the colour of the stove that caught my eye.  The one below is a 30" stove and cost $4,899 CDN and you got a free hood/vent with it when you ordered it from here.

Panasonic had a range of small kitchen appliances on sale including this square kettle which was in purple; it looks blue in the photo. Personally I found it much too bulky for my hands and at $150 to pricey!
 There was a lighting booth there that had some interesting ideas.  The store is called Home Ideas and I included the link to their website.  This one was unusual and it was either $499 or $359 and would be ideal over the dining room table.  Dd didn't like this one when she saw the photo.
This one was either $400 or $359 and would be ideal in the living room......maybe?
 This Zipper Table was different to say the least.  I don't remember who made this.  I did a search online and the name of the store wasn't one that I remembered seeing, so I can't give credit to anyone, but did find this interesting.  They did say they had sold a couple of them; it wasn't to me as 1. I didn't like it and 2. at around $9,000 I would want my whole house furnished!!
My biggest beef with this show was the price of food.  I took a couple of granola bars with me, but we got thirsty.  A bottle of water was $3.76.  We got a a buttered wholewheat bagel each and a bottle of soda (which was the same price as the water) which we shared and it was over $11.  Parking was $17, hours of enjoyment, priceless!!!

Tomorrow I will share photos from the Canada Blooms part of the show.


DeniseinVA said...

I loved the look of the shower. Food always seems to be too pricy at these places. It's the same here.

William Kendall said...

I remember the odd time being at those trade shows and perplexed by the prices of food.

That table is definitely not for me!

Enie Dub said...

I love those central vac thingies!!! You will be so glad not to have to lug the vacuum cleaner around.

Karen said...

My son in low was exhibiting there as he is a subcontractor for one of the famous buildings on the DIY network. We had a laugh when he came home for dinner on Sunday, loaded down with goodies he'd picked up at the home show.
One of these years I'm going to make it down for Canada Blooms. I was in the area this year but had another committment :(