Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Becoming obsessed with light fixtures.....

I was out and about on Tuesday and called in at a lighting store and saw more light fixtures that I fell in love with.  All these lights were at Living Lighting/Rafters in Barrie.

The first two photos are from Euro Home.  The large round pendant is product # 9016 and was $419.99.
 The leaf type island pendant was $319.99 #9016LR and the one with the green drops in it was $499.99 #2008 5P.
 The next four photos are from Steven and Chris by Art Craft Lighting.  This one was on sale for $374.25 and is part of the Trellis collection, #SC965.
 This is a smaller one from the collection #SC963 on sale for $254.25.  Both of them come with more chrome poles so they can hang further down off the ceiling.
 This is from the Oslo collection SC165 and was on sale for $415.50
 This one is from the Mercer Street Series # SC543WH and was on sale for $336.75
Fell in love with this lamp.  It was the last one they had.  I thought the paperclip feature on it was so neat.  I thought it would be perfect for putting photos on and great place for Christmas cards.  Best of all it was marked down to $49.99.  No idea though where I would put it as there was only the one.
I decided to walk away from them all and think about the situation and consult with dh.  I do love that table lamp though!


Anonymous said...

Then if you really loved it, you should have bought it. Now, you'll beat yourself up over it. You could always find a place for it. Bess

William Kendall said...

It is a rather interesting looking table lamp!