Sunday, October 13, 2013

Our Little Princess is nine months old.......

Can you believe it?
She has changed so much over the last month.  Her hair has really grown and she now has four teeth and has started to crawl.  Can't wait to see her next month.

Meanwhile at the acreage, we are both as sick as dogs with this rotten cough/cold/sore throat.


boopnut said...

Baby is a darling! Hope you all feel better soon!

Evelyn said...

she is growing! sorry about you being sick, hope it is short lived

Jane and Chris said...

Holy Moly,she's tall!!
Feel better soon.
Happy Thanks giving.
Jane x

Rose said...

She is just so adorable!

Miss Holly said...

what a beautiful baby!!!
so sorry your under the weather....couch

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

Gill, so sorry you & dh are both down with a rotten cold. Where did that 9 months go to? it wasn't that long off you had been patiently awaiting her arrival, now you are expecting DD bundle of joy !

peppylady (Dora) said...

So the crud came up north. Hopefully soon it runs it's course.
Your little princess sure looks like living doll. Soon she will be moving on two feet instead of all four.

Coffee is on