Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halfway through the month of October......

and still no heating or fire on.  We have had a marvellous run of good weather.  Tuesday was another super busy day for me.

Lots of laundry:

Some varnishing:

Sorting out books to take to the store to see if I could get some money for them.
 Brought these ones back and ended up with $32 in store credit.  Plan on using it to buy more children's books.

Posted some ads on Kijiji on the weekend.  Finally got rid of the old washer and dryer.   Mind you it helped when I said they were for free!!!  Lots of people wanted it and a man who was on disability took them with his son.  Funny thing was I stated on the ad you had to provide your own manpower and transportation as they were to take out of the basement as well.  He managed it no problem, so I wonder what his disability was?

Have to say I DO NOT like dealing with folk on Kijiji as its such a lot of back and forward through emails and people are so not reliable.

I have posted four book reviews this month in my book review blog, you can visit it by clicking on this link.


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

We are going into a stretch of rain now..I suppose it is much better then snow.

Jane and Chris said...

I think we've just had the summer we missed!
Jane x

Buttons said...

Oh yes the rain is coming down here and I just started the fire wondering if I need to keep it going or more nice weather is coming back. Hug B

Boyett-Brinkley said...

raining here which is good because we are in an constant drought situation, it seems, and it has cooled off nicely but we do need the heat in the morning. Glad to see autumn get here -- it is almost my summer since our summers are so hot.

sweetlocuslanefarm said...

Pouring here this morning. Got soaked doing morning chores.I might put the fire on later today to get the dampness out the house. I totally relate with Kijiji thing. Mom has her motorized scooter on there right now. Got a reply in 30 minutes, about this poor soul who really wanted it free! Then this week someone offering half the price asking. The nerve of people. Wonder is they buy things and then resale at a better price or really do need these products.

boopnut said...

Been raining and getting colder here. The furnace is on. Just remember, some disabilities can't be seen.