Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bad time to be on a "Fabric Diet!"

The Fall Creativ Festival was on this weekend and we had bought tickets a while ago for it.  So despite poor dd swollen feet and me not feeling 100% we went and had a good time as always.  The Fall show is held at the Metro Convention Centre and due to the miserable weather both of us parked in the underground parking lot at the Convention Centre....$22 later!!!

I have decided to be on a self imposed fabric diet as I have a lot of fabric to use up.  Dd bought some for a project you will start looking forward to each month once the baby is born and our friend also bought some.  I only bought essentials, like basting spray and some thread, nothing very exciting.  There was of course lots of eye candy and we talked to a lot of nice people.

I personally am not into "bedazzling" but had to take a photo of this cash register; very over the top don't you think:
One of the other things that caught our eye was this "fishy" display of crocheted items............NOT KNITTED as I thought and when I said knitted to dd I got told in no uncertain terms by a woman passing by that they were all crocheted not knitted!!
The more you look at this photo of the "sea bottom," the more you see.
I loved the jelly fish.  The display is being donated to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto.  I am quite sure the kids will really enjoy looking at them all.
This was another display in the same booth, again very neat.  
Discovered that the booth was "The Crochet Crowd."  All in all a great few hours and looking forward to the Spring show in April.


bonsaimum said...

I agree, the jelly fish are wonderful. :)

j said...

I think i have a jelly fish pattern. Last year I made my nephew fish, jellyfish and sharks. I will take a look :)


angela said...

Wow they look fantastic. I have been very good and used up heaps of my scraps. So now I can get stuck into the fabrics I have. Just waiting for inspiration to hit me

boopnut said...

Oh, it is so hard to put oneself on a diet! I am trying to control my paper crafting diet. I did sign up for a class though.

Buttons said...

Oh I love the jelly fish too. That is the most interesting booth I have ever seen and what a perfect place for the proceeds.
I do hope you fell better soon Gill.
Did you see my daughter there:) Hug B

Evelyn said...

love the display!

Debby said...

Looks like a fun day! The fish display is so cute, I know the kiddos will get hours of fun from it. I am doing pretty good with my fabric diet but now seem to be hooked on patterns :(

Jane and Chris said...

That would be hell on earth for me!
Jane x

The Witch said...

What a fun day you and hubby had.
I just love all those beautiful hats.
Hopefully you can get some patterns for them and share with everyone.
I think the jellyfish ones are the cutest.
Hope you and hubby are feeling better soon. The cold sure is hanging on much too long.

Rose said...

So glad to see you posting...looks like a great place to have fun. I am not into the bedazzling thing either, but would have had to take that picture, too.

All the 'knitted' bottom of the sea stuff was wonderful. Funny that woman correcting you on that...who would care. You appreciated the work.

slugmama said...

That sea life display is awesome!
I wonder if I could do something like that in my new living room which still only has 1 rug in it and no furniture? lol

Too bad I got rid of all my yarn years ago....

~Carla~ said...

Wow... that is a crazy wild cash register! lol!! A bit much for me, but fun!!

I absolutely LOVE all those sea creatures! Soooo sweet!!! :)

Good for you for sticking to your fabric diet! I'm on number #34 of 100 items as of today!! :) It's going well!

peppylady (Dora) said...

What colors!!! and one big wow

Coffee is on

Connie said...

I was at the show on Sun, enjoyed it very much. I spoke briefly with the creators of the Crochet arium; I was very impressed with this display and so happy to hear Sick Kids will benefit from it. I didn't have my camera with me so no pics, but I'm wondering Gill if I could share your pics in an e-mail to sisters in West.Cda. I mentioned I was at the show and they have asked me to share my experience and I thought your pics would be a great help. Hope you are on the mend; not long now til your family grows. :)