Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boxing Day Sales = Thumbs Down......

well at least for us.  I guess part of the problem is I won't line up in huge line's.  The line up outside of the Coach outlet store was just plain crazy and a lot of the other stores were just as bad.  I did pick up a couple of Christmas decorations at half price, but otherwise nothing else.  We are lucky I guess in Canada as we have good sales all the time.

My mam sent me another ornament for Christmas, another Waterford one.  It is gorgeous:
I have also been busy running back and forward to the local hospital as one of our dear friends has had a bad stroke.  Although no relation we are pretty close and he keeps asking for me.  So please say a prayer for him as he has a long road ahead of him.  He is paralysed down the left hand side and his speech is slurred, although I have no problem understanding him.


The Witch said...

Yes the line -ups in some stores were crazy. Future shop and Hallmark win in the crazy line-up scheme. They did have lots of staff on which was a bonus.
Your ornament is beautiful.
Sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully everything will turn out ok. I know the therapy part can be a long haul but hopefully not much damage was done.

Valerie said...

It's a beautiful tree ornament. Very pretty. I hope your friend has had only a minor stroke. Quite often the paralysis goes away or lessens after the initial stroke. I pray that this happens with him. Happy New Year.

Janet said...

I pray for a speedy recovery for your friend
The bauble is gorgeous !

Scrappy quilter said...

I didn't even step outside the house...can't be bothered to hit the stores. In the paper someone mentioned they had saved $800 by purchasing a 60 in. tv. I thought you could have saved more by not purchasing one at all. I can't stand the crowds or the obnoxious people that come out of the woodwork when it comes to the Boxing day sales.

Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope his health improves. Hugs

Maggie said...

I believe the rush to the sales was as bad here in the UK - i've kept away from shops myself, it's just good to spend some time in my home rather than go out :-)

I love you new Christmas ornament!

Sorry about your friend, i hope that everything will be ok for him x

(thanks for the birthday wishes, i had a great day :-)

Canadian Saver said...

I am sorry to hear about your friend, Gill :-( Praying for a speedy recovery.

Your mom sends you the best ornaments, truly beautiful!

My car stayed parked since Saturday... luckily people come here! I will have to get out tomorrow as it's back to work for us at the Federal level... I'm actually OK with going back...

~Carla~ said...

We were out today & my odest daughter got a super cute hat for $11 instead of close to $30, so that was a good deal! The ornament is gorgeous!! What beautiful keepsakes!

Said a prayer for your friend.. Hope he recovers well..

Kim said...

Sending your frined speedy recovery vibes. Having a good frined around helps enormously.

joolzmac said...

I am sorry your friend is unwell, I do hope he makes a good recovery.

That bauble is lovely - next time I am lucky to travel to the UK I will look up Waterford and Wedgewood ornaments.

If you always have turkey left over, why don't you just have chicken instead?

Cheers - Joolz

Little Home In The Country said...

Gorgeous ornament! Glad to read that your dog is free of cancer - what a relief!

We avoid Boxing Day shopping like the plague unless a VERY specific item that we truly need is on a steep discount. Even then, we won't wait in line very long for it. In Canada, London Drugs is an excellent place to buy electronics on boxing day sales without the line-up... just a tip!