Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big day today..

I get my flipping cast off, roll on 1:15pm the time of my appointment.

I managed to get the rest of the Christmas presents wrapped on Wednesday, and for once it took very little time as we have cut back such a lot this year.  Infact I won't be buying any wrapping paper or Christmas cards in the Boxing Day sales this year, as I have plenty left.

I read this article online about how a woman's mother cancelled Christmas many years ago as her father was sick and they just couldn't afford to buy presents.  Read about it here  I have said for many years that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.  There is even a poll on this site asking "would you cancel Christmas."

I personally wouldn't cancel Christmas, but would like to tone it down.  One thing I do though is make sure we don't spend too much and make sure it's all paid for, as the last thing I want is to be paying for it for the rest of the year.

Finally, does anyone have a good Bread Pudding recipe, one that does not contain dried fruit.  I have a craving for Bread pudding and we do not like sultana's or raisins.


JohnD said...

Love your new blog picture - where is that?

In answer to your question, even tho' I'm not a real "Christmassy" person, we still send cards, put up the house lights and buy our grandsons presents - I wouldn't cancel Christmas There's more to Christmas than presents.

On a sad note, a local construction worker, married, in his 40's with two teenage children, working on a project in Canberra was tragically killed in an industrial accident this week - not a nice Christmas for that family!

beagleAnnie said...

Congratulations, Gill! Today is a really big day. Have a happy day.

John Gray said...

cancel christmas......?
mind you Alan Rickman did in Robin Hood!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

We were snowed in at Christmas a couple of years ago -- and our power had gone out. We weren't able to travel to relative's as planned, but had a cozy holiday by the woodstove, just me and my husband. :)

Kaisievic said...

Good luck with getting your cast off.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Buttons said...

Oh I just read your comment on my blog PLease do not give up blogging. I read I may not comment because I use Google Reader but I do read.
I have bought very few presents this year I want to just be surrounded by family and remember the important things of Christmas. It is not all about presents.
Good post. B

EG Wow said...

I can tell you are excited about the removal of your cast! YAY!

I'm with you on toning Christmas down!

Jane and Chris said...

Do you eat candied peel? That would work..or how about chocolate chips?
Jane x

Piece by Piece said...

Hope your hand feels better once the cast is off.
Cancel Christmas -- No, however, I would like it to be toned down. We get bombarded with Christmas as soon as Halloween is over. So tired of all the newspaper flyers, commercials on TV, promoting this and that. Handmade gifts, dinner with family is most appreciated by me.

Jake said...

I'm all for toning Christmas down and we have really cut back over the years. No more gift exchanges with friends. I don't like all the hustle and bustle leading up to the day, but do enjoy the day itself.
So glad you're getting the cast off!!

Rose said...

We have cut way back, too...thanks for the link to the article of the cutting out Christmas presents.

~Carla~ said...

Yay for getting your cast off!! I hope everything healed well! :) I wouldn't cancel Christmas, as Christmas, well the real meaning of Christmas isn't "cancellable", but simplifying is! ;)

Valerie said...

It's our own fault for pandering to commercialism. In the old days an apple and an orange or a jar of preserves was an acceptable gift, but sadly not any longer.

Congratulations on the removal of the plaster cast.

Karine said...

Another hour and a half (just about) and your cast will be off, hooray! As for cancelling Christmas, no way. I love spending the time with my family and I get way too much happiness from seeing my family's faces light up at the little gifts I give them. I can't afford to give much, but I do make sure that I find the perfect little gift for everyone that will make it worth while. As for me, I only ask for things I need. I do not make much money, so I keep Christmas and my birthday as occasions to get things that I need, but cannot afford and my family are always so happy to help me out by giving them to me. This year I even asked for quarters for when I do my laundry as stocking stuffers!

Scrappy quilter said...

I wouldn't cancel Christmas, however we have toned it down bigtime. It's about celebrating the birth of Christ, not about consumerism.

So glad to hear you get your cast off. Hugs

fizzycat said...

Christmas has been toned down a little recently in our family.Gift buying tends to be for younger members and cards are still sent, although a few are digital now.
Hope you feel better when your cast is off.
Wishing you the best for Christmas.

stitcheranon said...

re bread and butter can put anything it in it you like...nuts and chocolate chips, tinned peaches chopped..any tinned fruit, cherry pie filling, apple and cinnemon, and i have a great recipe for toffy bread and butter pudding....I am in hospital attached to a chemo drip at the mo but can get it for you tomorrow if you like> My family love all things bread and can make it quite stodgy with lots of custard or thin and crispy on top xxxx

stitcheranon said...

bread and butter pudding

chopped nuts and chocolate chips
peaches (tinned if you like) with white chocolate chips
apple and cinnemon
any fruit at all
pie filling drizzled e.g. cherry

I have a great recipe for toffee bread and butter pudding
por do a plain one with a favourite spice and brown sugare sprinkled on top to go crispy
you can make thick stodgy and custardy ones or thin one ones, crispy on top. I am in hospital at the mo but will be home tomorrow if you want the toffee one..make with brown sugar etc

Evelyn said...

I would cancel the commercialism and greed of christmas but not the holiness. i have toned it way down. i don't believe in incuring debt over christmas or buying the kids love with expensive presents. i ahve another serious concern and this may sound strange but is anyone else bothered by the pressure to give give give? oy drives, church sponsorship of needy families. i am so busy trying to fill all those requests that I can't afford my own christmas. most i can "ignore" but the church is getting ridiculous!

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Glad you got the cast off, I am sure it feels a thousand percent better! This year I did tone Christmas down. I started getting things together in the summer, took inventory of what I had left over from past years (cards, paper, etc), made a few things and am very pleased with the way I am feeling right now. I have done a little bit of decorating all month long so I wouldn't get tired of it and also to sort of just spread things out -- I think this year is much better.