Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The new T-Mobile Royal Wedding video

I first saw it over at Karine's blog.  I had to watch it a couple of times to click who was who.

I had another whining session with the post office on Monday, with the supervisor of the area, as I am well and truly fed up with it all.  This time my Bell Canada bill didn't come in until the 15th, and it was due on the 13th.  Why you ask; well Bell Canada didn't put RR #1 on it and the mailing address city.  They did however have the correct emergency number, street address, and postal code, but they had no idea where to deliver it too.  Now if you think that Bell Canada changed my address on me, no it's the same address they have used for the past couple of years???  There was writing all over the envelope that is how I know they didn't know where to deliver it to.

It's just plain bloody stupidity.  I get a local newspaper delivered via the mail, it took TWO and a HALF weeks for it to come, we live 20 minutes away from the place.  Who wants a newspaper that is 2 1/2 weeks old???

I could go on and on but honestly it is not worth my time and energy.  This guy reckons he'll monitor my mail, no idea how, and go from there.  As I pointed out to him, the letter he sent around to RR #1 when we got the new postal lady was to be patient as there will be teething problems until she gets settled into the route.  It's been 16 bloody months.........when will she be "settled" into her route????


Valerie said...

It's disgraceful, no wonder you're steamed up. Talk about inefficiency!

Anonymous said...

I receive my Bell bill via email. You can also sign up for automatic payments from your credit card or bank account. Visit www.bell.ca or call 310-BELL (2355) no area code necessary. Karen

Rose said...

I cannot imagine such problems with mail! I know I would feel just like you....we have had a couple things get lost in the mail...but generally ours is fine. But did have one company that sent out the bill and only have a day or two to send it in...I got a late fee once and called them and told them if they would send it out on time, they would get it on time...they removed the fee 'that time' as if I were making it up....that part still make me mad...the date was on the bill...I think they had mailed it the 8th, coming from another state that means three days to get delievered, and the due date was was the 15th at that time....

Karine said...

Thanks for the link back to my blog Gill!

As for you mail lady, that's horrible!!! I don't know how they can condone such things, we had a bad mail lady once who seemed to just be looking for any excuse to not deliver our mail. Ridiculous!!!

Stacey said...

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