Friday, April 1, 2011

A blast from the past and more carnival glass

The reason I am psoting them, is that I see Top of The Pops is coming back on the air in Britain starting with programmes that were first aired in 1976, which will be neat.

Here is a really funny site: Awkward Family Photos..........which should be renamed....."What were they thinking!!"

This is another song by The Wurzels,

Eddie Stobart is one of the biggest trucking companies in Britain, and is from where we come from in England.  My brother drives for them.  I noticed that some of the trucks have names, I must ask my brother if his truck has a name next time I talk to him.

On Thursday I went to town as the fumes in the house were horrible and my poor head was pounding.  Anyhow, I had a look around a couple of stores and I picked up this carnival glass Blackberry Marigold  Two Row Open-Edge Ruffled Basket for $10.  It's worth between $35 to $45.
There looks as though there is a scratch on the base, but it's part of the firing process.


Valerie said...

First the news, Eddie Stobart died yesterday.

I just loved all those videos. Didn't know Top of the Pops was coming back, it should be interesting to travel back to 1976. What was I doing then, I wonder.

Lib said...

Love the glass.
Have agreat day!

Karine said...

I love that piece of carnival glass you bought! The color is lovely and I really like the 'ruffling' :o)

Janet said...

Love the basket -very unusual. your collection is growing ! I enjoy watching and spotting all the old fashions I use to wear in my youth- on those old pop videos ! rather embarassing actually !

Rose said...

I like that first video...had never heard of them though.

That piece of carnival glass is beautiful. Did getting away from the fumes help your headache? I hope it did.

fee/somerset said...

I live 6 miles away from where they grew up - The Wurzels I mean! Great news!

Star said...

Had a great time reliving the Wurzels! They are such fun and the music sticks in the brain, doesn't it. I'll be singing that for at least the next 24 hours!

Shammickite said...

I used to have that Combine Harvester LP record, got rid of all my LPs when I moved house last year. I didn't have a record player any more.
The carnival glass is very pretty.