Monday, February 9, 2009

One thing after another........

Last week I cleaned my windows outside including my patio doors. Fine, not problem with that. A couple of days later I see moisture in between the panes on one of the patio doors. The seal must have gone...b***dy *ell and words to that effect. So I call the manufacturer who makes the windows to see what's what, and of course it is out of warranty, another b***dy *ell. To cut a long story short, it is cheaper to replace the whole door than the two panes of glass so will cost around the $400 mark.... triple b***dy *ell. I tell them I will think about it, as this is all I need spending $400 on a patio door on a house we are going to sell. By the way should mention each door is 4 foot wide, they are big doors.

Next day I look at the door no moisture??? If the seal had gone the moisture is there all the time. The phone rings and its another person from the window place and we get talking and she lives in the area, and I tell her what's what, and say the funny thing is there is no moisture. She then says it must have been on the outside and its not the seal that has gone, and hers does the same thing. Finally a bit of good news...........YEAH!!! I think it must have been something to do with me cleaning the windows, the drastic temperature changes we had in those few days.

Friday I am doing my laundry and there is a *ell of a racket coming from my front loader washer. Do a load of laundry Saturday morning and my washer is not well at all. There is something wrong with the drum and I am left with a sopping wet load of laundry in my washer. So run next door to "R's" and pop it into her washer to spin the water out. Meanwhile dh has the washer to bits and it's the drum, but inside of the drum, where he can't get too.

He goes on the Internet and googles our washer model: Kenmore 970-C42062-00, and lo and behold, everywhere you look everyone has had the same problem with their washer, the drum rust off and it breaks!!!! So I call the service department of Sears and it's $80 for the guy to come out to take a look, and whether or not they'll cover this under warranty is debatable. Its going to be an expensive repair, but I have to have a washer, plus when we come to sell the house, the appliances will have to be included in the sale, its expected. They will blame the laundry detergent I am using, but I am using my homemade stuff, which is no suds, as you have to use a low suds laundry detergent.

Also a while back I lost one of my under wires from my bras in the machine, so I can guarantee he'll find that in there, as we couldn't see it. When I first talked to her, the earliest appointment for the guy to come and look at it, was February 17th, what the the time I had finished on the phone with her, the guy was coming today between 8am and 4pm, no idea how I managed that???

I mean this is all we need having to have to go to the expense of buying a new washer.


Cassie said...

When it rains it pours. Well at least your double paned window problem is no longer a problem. They say these things happen in
3's. What next?? said...

They always seem to happen all at once! Hope it gets sorted!

Caroline said...

Sorry gill I haven't sent Oopsey off on her holiday yet. We are a nation in the depths of tragedy at the moment & so many of us feel helpless to the people that need it.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

morning gill
that window thing is interesting. we had that problem and had to go the route of replacing.
hopefully the washer thing will be relatively inexpensive.
will be interesting when he finds your underwire :)
have a good day


QuiltedSimple said...

At least your double paned window is fine - but that is a bummer about the washing machine!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Sounds like a 'wonderful' (grrrr) weekend, Gill. BUT--I'm glad your window is okay!!11 NOW--if they can fix the washer for you, then you can celebrate!!!!

I hate 'stuff' like that---and I've always heard that things happen in THREE's. SO --hopefully that third thing won't happen to you!!!!

Hope today is GOOD.

scrappy quilter said...

I agree when it rain it pours. Hope the thing with the washer gets sorted. Hang in there friend.

Denise said...

Persistance pays off, getting your repairman in today. Murphy's Law that things seem to go wrong all at once but I'm glad your windows are okay. BTW I made your Beef/Cola recipe last night. It's delicious. I put it on my blog and gave you credit. Credit where credit is due my motto. You made me look pretty good in the kitchen last night :)

cheshire wife said...

You never know a fellow blogger might have been interested in buying your house until you they read about your problems.

Hope that you have got your washing machine fixed.

Winifred said...

I find that when one thing goes you can guarantee there are more to come. My washer had to be replaced after Christmas, yes rust! Have to say it was a one we got from my daughter's neighbour for a small sum when my expensive top of the range German one was going to cost more to repair than it cost originally. Yes, it was just out of its guarantee!

Vowed I'd buy cheapest I could find next time. Well I looked and hit lucky, got one in the sale that was a hundred pounds cheaper than when I looked two weeks earlier!

Now the fridge needs replacing! The motor is fine but the plastic shelved have all just cracked and can't be replaced. So much for being environmentally conscious. These manufacturers won't let you.

What's next?

Janet said...

Well done on getting the repair man out. But it seems strange that they can't tell you whether or not the repair is covered by your warranty.

I had a problem with my oven 18 months ago, and just like you I saw loads of other people on the net had had the same problem. GE refused to fix it as the warranty had run out two weeks earlier. After several run-ins with customer service, I wrote to the chairman of GE. The oven got fixed at no charge.

BTW, I've finally done my 10 things beginning with "A."

Gill - That British Woman said...

thanks for all your comments, greatly appreciated.....


Patty said...

They say when it rains it pours, but thank goodness your patio door is OK. As for the washer, it might be cheaper to buy a cheap Kenmore and set in there since you're going to be selling the place. But chances are, if you didn't find that under wire, it's probably in there someplace where you least expect it and wound around something where it shouldn't be. That's the kind of luck I would have. Hope it's something he can fix when he makes the call and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Keep thinking happy thoughts.

Expat mum said...

Lessons learned - don't clean your windows and forget about the laundrey. (Sorry - sympathy really.)

Janeen said...

Oh my stars, what a week you've had! That's strange about your appliance thing in the sale of the house. Never heard of including washers and dryers before. Here in the US it's typically just the kitchen appliances that stay, not the washer and dryer. Well I learned something new today.

And you my friend, need a day at the spa or something that you enjoy to relax. Bless you!