Friday, August 25, 2017

One of those weeks,

Just not feeling it with the walking, same with the eating.  So put on a couple of pounds and now only 18 pounds lost.
Anyhow, joined an exercise class in our community centre for old folks!!  Remember I live in an "Active Adult Community."  So everyone is over a "certain" age.  This class is held on a Tuesday and Thursday morning and it is FREE!!!  It is sponsored by the government I think, I will look into that and see what I can find as it may be in other communities as well.  It's to get older folk up and moving.

It is both seated and standing exercises and you do it at your own pace...............or so I thought!!!  Lets just say despite the fact I am the youngest participant; other than the trainer, I am not the fittest one in the group..........I AM SO NOT THE FITTEST IN THE GROUP.  Also the seated part of the exercises........well that's also a myth; we do, do a couple of seated exercises but they are mainly stood up.  I was pooped after yesterday's and I felt pain in places I didn't know existed.

She wanted us to do jumping jacks at one point.  I just looked at her and thought are you crazy.......but the woman opposite me who was probably in her 70's was doing them.  Fast marches that woman was bloody jogging???  The woman next to me was as bad, I swear they are on steroids some of these little old ladies.....LOL

There were a couple of times I just wanted to sit down, but the steroid ladies were going as fast as ever, so I didn't dare.  Now to be fair there are a number of participants who do sit down and do not do as much as the steroid ladies and do it at their own pace.  It was a good workout and a very worth while programme.  I will be going again, as it makes a change from walking and she concentrates on different parts of the body.  Plus I need to see if I can get as fit as the steroid ladies!!!


Patricia said...

It will get better believe me.
During the past Winter, I joined an exercise group for the over 55s. It is run in conjunction with the University of Western Ontario, here in London. I know what you mean about active ladies, there were some in this group. The classes are three mornings a week for 75 minutes. Warm up, weight room, cardio, cool down and stretching, for the first week I thought I was going to die, every muscle in my body hurt. Eventually, I enjoyed it and felt a lot better for doing it.
This program is not free, and I am going to sign up again in November. The University has a teaching hospital and quite often Drs would ask for volunteers for some of their research. I was not one of their guinea pigs. LOL.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Ah, Gill, you are so funny! but yes, I have seen steroid ladies and you want to hug them and then trip them! I am not doing so good with the walking -- I need to go someplace to walk because walking in my house is just boring and the computer calls my name. But, you are on the right track and I am sure you will really benefit from this program along with your walking! Keep us in the loop!

Jane said...

LOL! I joined a 55+ club called Huff n' Puff to play volleyball 3 times weekly. I thought it might be kind of slow and boring but was I wrong!! They are so competitive I couldn't believe it! I've really had to up my game! The last laugh was definitely on me!

barbara woods said...

I would like to b that fit to! haha

William Kendall said...

Patience, and it'll pay off.

Winifred said...

That's so funny. Great there are opportunities like these for you. Keep up the good work it will pay dividends.

Jackie said...

When I start a new exercise program I always ache in places I did not know existed. It does get better. Good for you on trying something different.

God bless.