Sunday, August 27, 2017

It's getting nippy cold in a morning........

well it is here in Southern Ontario.  Had to put a fleece jacket on yesterday morning, as the day before I couldn't feel my arms when I went for my morning walk.  Saw my breath in the air and all that good stuff.

I'm not complaining though this is my type of weather.  If it were like this year round I would be a happy camper.  Fall is my favourite time of year.

Ears were a bit cold though, so going to knit myself a headband to cover my ears until it is woolly hat weather.

Don't you hate those type of people who say, I'm just going to whip up this and that?"  I know I do😋

It would have been my Nana's 103rd birthday today, if she were still alive, she died August 25th 1986, much too soon.

Enjoy your Sunday.....


angela said...

Make sure you post a pic of the finished headband. The colour looks very nice indeed
Have a drink for your grandmothers birthday and know she is always looking down at you xxx

Karen said...

We were just up to a cottage near Sudbury. There was FROST at night for a couple of days! I took my heavier yarns to start working again. (On our way home I hit a great yarn sale at Diane's in Sturgeon Falls.)

Jackie said...

Mornings here in Southeast Saskatchewan have been cool for the last week or two. I love it as by mid afternoon we are sweltering once again.

Enjoy making your headband and be sure to share a picture with us.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

I've noticed the cooler mornings as well.