Friday, July 15, 2016

Update on July goals, as it's the middle of the month.

  1. Paint ceilings and walls in basement.  Biggish job, but doable.  I hope to get a good start on the trim, but that all depends on dh, as it's all to put up.  All the ceilings are painted.  Two of the rooms walls are painted and as soon as I feel better the rest will be done.
  2. Knit 31 Hexagons for my beekeeper's quilt.  That's one per day and doable. NOT HAPPENING :0(
  3. Reduce spending - NOT HAPPENING :0(
  4. Have no MacDonald's coffee or muffins Monday through Friday.  It's getting an annoying habit popping out to WalMart to grab a coffee and muffin at MacDonald's.  We do have a gift card for there, so will use that if we go on a weekend. FAIL
  5. Don't eat out more than twice this month.  To be fair, we don't actually eat out much at all.  We had our wedding anniversary last month and used a gift card we got at Christmas.  We still have one other gift card to use, but I was saving it for dh's birthday in September. FAIL
  6. Try and keep a handle on the grocery spending......with the rising prices easier said that done. So far so good
  7. NO buying magazines other than Pretty Patches at the end of the month......this is a hard one for me! So far so good.
  8. No shopping online........even harder!! Fail, Land's End had a good sale...oops!
Bit of a mixed bag with a few fails it seems.  HOWEVER; we have finished purchasing all the light fixtures for the basement.  We have picked up the majority of the doors for the basement; which dh sourced and saved us a lot of money on them and on the trim when we pick that up.  I do see me getting all the walls painted and hopefully if dh has time to put them up, the doors as well.  That will leave only the rest of the trim.  Dh is coming up to a busy time of year work wise for him.

The Land's End online shopping is for a wedding we are going too in the new year.

We have ordered pizza a couple of times over the past two weeks.  It costs $11.50 with tax and we pick it up.  With me being sick and it being so hot it was something quick and easy.

How are you doing with your July goals?


William Kendall said...

With being ill, it's understandable about faltering here and there.

Betsy said...

Well that doesn't sound so bad. $11.50 for pizza isn't like you went out to a fancy sitdown dinner and spent $100. And you're sick! Here's to the rest of the month and hoping you'll feel better and be able to get more of your goals accomplished.
Blessings, Betsy

Jackie said...

Most of my goals this month are on the back burner. Really just managing to work on getting things cleared up after the flood. It is going to be an expensive month, but thankfully we did not lose as much as others and did not have to move out of the house to let others clean up (those with sewer back up have had to do so).

God bless.