Friday, July 1, 2016

Some goals for July:

Figured I would set some goals for July, can't hurt can it?

  1. Paint ceilings and walls in basement.  Biggish job, but doable.  I hope to get a good start on the trim, but that all depends on dh, as it's all to put up.
  2. Knit 31 Hexagons for my beekeeper's quilt.  That's one per day and doable.
  3. Reduce spending.
  4. Have no MacDonald's coffee or muffins Monday through Friday.  It's getting an annoying habit popping out to WalMart to grab a coffee and muffin at MacDonald's.  We do have a gift card for there, so will use that if we go on a weekend.
  5. Don't eat out more than twice this month.  To be fair, we don't actually eat out much at all.  We had our wedding anniversary last month and used a gift card we got at Christmas.  We still have one other gift card to use, but I was saving it for dh's birthday in September.
  6. Try and keep a handle on the grocery spending......with the rising prices easier said that done.
  7. NO buying magazines other than Pretty Patches at the end of the month......this is a hard one for me!
  8. No shopping online........even harder!!
Do you have any monthly goals, you would like to share with us all?


angela said...

No goals right now. But I have faith in you. Im sure you will succeed

mamasmercantile said...

No not really but good luck with yours.

slugmama said...

I'm trying to save $38KUS of our take-home pay this year.
With Daughter and her BF moving back home(and all the increased food/water/electric expenses that brings)it's going to be a difficult goal.

We did ok with Eating Out costs in June. About half of what we spent was to take Hubs out for Father's Day. We got pizza and subs and I used free gift cards for most of that so I am happy with it.

Like they say, "It's hard to hit a target without goals." so good on you for making a list of things to accomplish. 8-)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Ugh! I do not envy your painting chore. After painting every single surface at the lake place, including sanding, staining and polishing cement floors in the basement, I have painted my last room ever. I found Eduardo who is very good and very reasonable so from now on I am pumping dollars back into the economy by paying him to paint. I will save money somewhere else or do without something to cover the expense. I have decided some things are just worth having someone else do.
I agree with Sluggy! As for me, I have to write it down and check it off or it doesn't count. July is going to be an interesting month around here. I will be in Oregon for over a week, so my true goals have a 3 week timeframe. I will either finish them all or not, but I am cutting myself some slack this month.

Aodhnait said...

Oh good one. You have inspired me to set some goals for July

~Carla~ said...

Awesome list of goals, Gill!! No online shopping for me either, but with the Canada Post strike/lockout, that sure helps our cause! LOL!!! I have a few goals this month (you can read on my blog) and they're all financial goals! :) Good luck!!

William Kendall said...

Sensible goals to have in mind.

Rose said...

Almost every month #5 is on my list...Roger would rather go to McD's or Hardees than have a breakfast at home. I don't mind going once a week, but sure don't want to go two or three times a week. At least with Lo here, we don't go as much. LOL