Saturday, January 30, 2016

Exploring potential areas to move to.

We went on a road trip the other day to the Fenelon Falls and Coboconk areas of  Southern Ontario.  We are lucky in that we don't have to be fixed to one area.  We do have a few requirements though, and they are the following:

  • to be able to find a family doctor and have a hospital not too, to far away; we are getting older
  • have a library close by
  • a post office close by
  • a grocery store by
  • a dentist close by
  • ploughed roads in winter
  • friendly community and a community centre
  • not too, to far from the kids and grandkids; though we are still capable drivers
  • not in a new subdivision
  • and the most important......INTERNET SERVICE!!!
Now I think there are probably lots of other little things that would be handy to have but with most things available online nowadays, as long as there is the internet, postal service and courier companies, we are all set.

We did talk to a real estate agent in the area, and he gave us some good pointers about the area, which was helpful.  As I said we are not anywhere near to moving yet, but it's best to learn as much about an area as possible before moving.  For example we have found out the property taxes in one county we were looking at were twice the price than an adjoining county.  That in itself would save us around $1,500 a year, which makes a big difference when living on a fixed income.

Lots of things to think about......

Thought there were some good ideas here for party balloons, most I had never seen or thought of before.


Betsy said...

We've thought about moving to a smaller home now that the kids are all grown and gone, but we have all of those important items you listed close by now. I haven't found a smaller home for sale in our neighborhood that I like. We'll just keep our eyes open I guess. The tax thing is HUGE! Just a half mile can make a big difference if you change neighborhoods.

maureenlthompson said...

Wise to be thinking about moving now. We were not so wise and probably now wouldn't be able to all that is required for such a move, we are 67 and 71 and my husband is disabled. Hope you find something you really like.

Rose said...

I think it good you are starting out early...maybe figure which counties to concentrate on and then 'get to know' the towns and see if you like their personality. All I can say, don't get too far from the kids. Even if you are still capable drivers, it gets old when things happen and you. I know you two are probably a few years younger than us...still, we are so glad to have Lorelei just 20 minutes away as opposed to the almost two hour drive before.

EG CameraGirl said...

Yes, lots to think about! Being close to Toronto is NICE but it's expensive in the GTA!

William Kendall said...

I haven't been in Fenelon Falls in several years. I do know with cottage country real estate that if you don't want waterfront properties, there are reasonable prices out there.

Terra Hangen said...

I think being close to kids is VIP, so it is convenient for them in future years. You are doing a good job in planning.

Boyett-Brinkley said...

You have such a lovely,new home! What is prompting this thought process?

Aodhnait said...

A library is a crucial service to live beside! I'd hate to live in an area without one.

Cat Lover said...

We are slowly looking at communities in B.C. to move to. We have lots of the same requirements as you do. Good luck!

Karen said...

I want to move to a small community with a bank, grocery store, medical facilities of some kind, a library and a good community spirit. Bancroft and Barrys Bay are both looking good to me.
My son and his partner live near Coboconk and commute to work in Lindsay. They are really happy with the change, considering they used to commute to TORONTO.

Jane said...

I didn't realize your last move was a temporary one. Are you thinking small town vs city? Or rural? In PEI there was a forest behind my house and that caused very poor internet connection. Like you I need great internet.

Boopnut said...

I did not realize you are moving again? Good luck in your search! Be sure to pray on your list! I did that when we found this house!

slugmama said...

Didn't you just have this current house built and moved there!? Is this place not to your likely long term after all?
We still don't know where to retire to either. Louisiana might not be in the cards afterall. I am thinking maybe Tennessee for us? Such a lot to consider tho....sigh