Monday, February 1, 2016

February already........where did January go?

Pleased to see February as it means another month of Winter is over with.  We have been so lucky (touching wood) with the weather I have nothing much to complain about weather wise.

Anyway I want to post a to-list for the month in the hopes it will make me accountable and actually do the things I post on the list.
  • decorate the powder room - that is totally doable, so I see no problem doing that
  • decorate the master bedroom - that is iffy, that job may go into March
  • menu plan - that was only partly done in January, so need to work on that
  • finish knitted baby blanket for dd, we should know the sex of the baby by this upcoming weekend - we hope
  • finish two baby quilts.  One is cut out the other is not
  • encourage dh and help him in the basement to get all the framing done and make a good start on the electrics.  There are a lot of bulk heads to make in the basement which equals a lot of work.
  • sort out the basement and see what we don't want and try and sell those unwanted items.
  • knit a pair of socks - this is proving to be a pain in the butt and I think it has something to do with the yarn I have?
  • cut back on grocery spending and use what is in the cupboards - menu planning will help with this
  • try and save as much money as I can and not buy anything online all month.
  • sort out my blue air miles card, as I want to be able to cash in for groceries not just goods.
We have three birthdays this month.  All cards have been purchased and I only have one that I have to give a present for.   We do have a wedding the beginning of March, but the money is saved up for that and the card has been purchased.

I may add to this list throughout the month and re-post it as we go along


Betsy said...

My you have lots of plans for February! It's hard to believe January is over already. You're going to have to really stay "on task" to get everything done you have listed. Have fun!

Anna of the Mutton Years said...

I can relate to some of those. Meal plan, well I'm using my last week's one that I blogged. Don't spend on line and cut back on grocery bill. Yes my aim too. The only way round that is leave Mr Him at home when I shop.

Mum said...

Gosh, what a long list. I think I have only 3 jobs to do on mine. Hope you achieve it all.

Karen said...

I redeem my air miles at Metro and Rexall. My favorite are the Optimum points from Shoppers Drug Mart. Now that ours is selling a lot more grocery and dairy items those points build up fast. |They are really useful when it comes time to do some gift shopping.

Jackie said...

I love lists!! Seems to make it much easier (at least for me) to accomplish things.

Hope yours gets totally finished.

God bless.

William Kendall said...

That's going to keep you busy.

Cat Lover said...

You will have a busy month Gill! Good luck with everything.

Rose said...

You are going to be busy, busy, busy. I wish you luck in not buying anything on-line this month if you are like us. But then, sometimes that just beats local prices, or traveling to some other city to get stuff.