Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Huge thank you everyone for your opinions.

I spoke to Frigidaire and got no where...no surprise there.  They said it was because I keep my fridge at 1 oC and that is why I have the problem; which by the way is a lot of bull.   As I pointed out there must be a heck of a lot of people who keep their fridge at the wrong temperature as there are a lot of people who have posted on the internet having the same problem.

I have the appliance repair guy coming over on Wednesday to deal with the issue and he is going to give my fridge a thorough going over so that we can make doubly sure that it's not something else.

I also have my secret weapon....DH....he brought home a gun thingy that measures the temperature of everything.  Very interesting, and I will make sure the appliance guy writes it all down.  I turned my fridge up to 3 oC as per Frigidaire and the different items in the fridge ranged in temperature from 1 oC in the "cool drawer" up to 7 oC.  That is quite a difference if you ask me.  This is not the end of the issue, I will keep you updated.

As far as the warranty situation goes, I have until the 12th of June to sort something out.  I have more or less made up my mind to take out an extended warranty on the fridge.  That is an expensive item and as we have had problems already I feel it would be prudent to take out the warranty.  I am undecided about the stove, again that was over $2,000 for that so it may be worthwhile.

I am also dealing with window issues.  Three on the main floor need adjustments, so not a big issue, it's the two sliders in the basement which I am very worried about.  I cannot open them at all.  Dh struggled to open them, he struggled even more to close them and they are not fully closed and therefore not locked.  Dh reckons the house has settled and has moved the windows out of square.  Goodness knows how they are going to mend them.

I would have normally left this to year end, but feel this is an issue that needs dealing with sooner rather than later.  I have a guy coming on Wednesday to go over any deficiencies.  I am not 100% clear about the ins and outs of this, but when filling out the forms we seemed to have a number of things to note.  So it should be an interesting day Wednesday, what with this guy, the appliance guy and I have the site super coming over to look at the basement windows.

So today I am going to my sit and knit session to relax (I hope). I am on with the custard yellow colour now, so moving along nicely.  I do still however want to learn how to crochet.  I am also putting together another quilt top.  I will share photos with you on Wednesday.


Maggie said...

Good luck with the repair men, When I read that you had a secret weapon and you DH had bought home a gun i thought oh dear things have got a lot worse, lol

You must learn to crochet! much faster results, easier to unravel if you make a mistake. I went on a one day course almost 2 years ago and i'm so glad i did, once you get the basics you can pick other stitches up off you tube or other blogs.

Good luck :-)

Gill - That British Woman said...

Never thought of it like that with DH and his gun!!! It is very harmless though!

Jacquelineand.... said...

'Janie Got A Gun' was playing in my head when I started reading about your DH and his gun, lol.
Best of luck with the repairs.

Cat Lover said...

Have a relaxing day and enjoy your knitting. Good luck tomorrow.

Jane and Chris said...

I hate this kind of hassle. Best of British.
Jane x

Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

I found I got much more action when I sent the Company a message on their FB page. Might be worth the extra try with your concerns.

William Kendall said...

The basement windows will have to be dealt with, and sound like more of a headache. Best to get it out of the way.

Rose said...

I hope you get a good repairman, and it does sound like he wants to do right at least. At the price you paid for them, I don't blame you for the extended warranty.

Hope they get something done about the windows. I don't know how you would fix them, but bet your hubby is right and it has to do with the house settling.

Hope you can go to your knitting group and relax and forget about it all.

Jane said...

How frustrating Gill! Hope you can get both your fridge and windows sorted and quickly!

Country Gal said...

Hope you get all sorted out ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

MartiDIY said...

I hate appliance problems! I've never gotten an extended warranty, though I have a Frigidaire washer and dryer and kind of wish I did have it on the washer. I just don't think appliances are built to last anymore.

EG CameraGirl said...

Oh dear! So many problems! UGH!