Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Okay stop the whining I give in........

I have had a couple of people complain about the lack of blog posts recently.  The reason for this is a couple of things.  

  • I have got hooked on my Kobo and once I get into a book I forget about everything. 
  • I am busy with sorting stuff for moving, which is still including decluttering and getting rid of 25 things per week.
  • I just can't be bothered, as honestly nothing overly exciting has been happening and who wants to hear me whine constantly about the bloody weather.........and yes it snowed again this morning; "God please grant me patience with this rotten weather!"
Anyhow it turns out "stuff" has been happening and one thing in particular I "forgot" to blog about and I am getting told off for it.

The other week I was at dd with her best friend and her mother and we had a crafting day making this wreath:

Now little did I realize this would involve me doing work!!  I went to socialize and look after Nora.  Anyway, dd and best friend "K" had other ideas!!  This started out with Styrofoam wreaths that had to be wrapped with grey yarn.  Do you know how long those bloody wreaths took to wrap with yarn???  TO LONG!!!  My poor hands were killing me, but did dd and "K" care, NO !!  Suffice to say I had plenty to say on the subject and as usual they both ignored me.  Both "K's" mom and I managed to wrap one wreath each while we were there.  The girls made all the flowers out of felt, they said if you go on Pinterest there are plenty of instructions on how to do this.  The bunny was made with stiffened felt and it can be taken off to display year round, not just at Easter.

I must say it is pretty impressive looking and it could be hung on your front door as long as it's kept out of the weather.  In my case it has to go inside.

One other thing dh and I did was babysit Nora on the weekend.  So please come back tomorrow to see how that all turned out!!!  Suffice to say I hope to have my energy back by the end of the week!!


Cindy@NorthofWiarton said...

The Wreath is Lovely. Shall I get out the gun? and really they let you look after Nora? did you have your glasses & lots of light??? Happy you are well and busy xx

William Kendall said...

It's a pretty wreath!

Enie Dub said...

Love the wreath!