Friday, March 17, 2017

Some photos.........

I did post these on Facebook, but will share with you as well.

Miss P turned 9 months old on Wednesday:

Both baby and mother are a lot happier due to getting more sleep!  Her favourite things in life are food, crawling and eating soil from the house plants.  She still has a "fetish" with the heating vents as well.

On Tuesday it was crazy hair day at daycare, and Miss N went like this:

She was a unicorn.  The "horn" is made of tin foil, shaped like a horn, with Miss N's hair wrapped around and and held in place with hair elastics and sprayed with hairspray.

As I said to dd, all Miss N's friends would love it and all the other mother's would hate dd for being an "over achiever!!"  She just laughed.


Betsy said...

Both are so cute and that unicorn horn! Oh my goodness. I agree wth you. Kids will love it. Mom's will hate it! :-)

angela said...

Love the unicorn hair. Brilliant xx

William Kendall said...

Very cute!

Jackie said...

Love the unicorn look.

God bless.

Jane said...

Haha I love it!

Rose said...

They are both adorable....Sarah is like your dd and is very creative...I did not have that touch!

Stella Jones said...

She looks great as a unicorn! Hairdos are not what they were in my day. These days they are so inventive. My goodness, she's growing fast.