Friday, March 10, 2017

Things you notice when visiting other people's homes........

I was reading this article "The seven surprising things house guests notice when they visit your home (and why they DO judge you if it's messy) " which was featured on Daily Mail Uk.

1. Cleanliness and Mess
2. Bright Walls
3. Pleasant Smell
4. House Plants
5. Art and Books
6. Furniture Placement
7. Light Sources

To be honest they are not really a surprise.  

I always notice if people's houses are a mess.  Bathrooms are a pet peeve, as I like to use a clean bathroom.....

A bright wall always catches your attention; don't you think?

The smell of a home can go either way, stinky or overwhelming.  There is a happy medium when it comes to smells in a home.  The smell of something baking is always attractive.

House plants do look attractive if they look healthy, half dead ones don't; I think I would notice the half dead ones before the healthy ones?

Art and books; not thought about that before, if the artwork is a large piece than I guess I would probably notice it.

Furniture placement wouldn't be something I would notice as it's that person's personal preference as to where they want things.

I do notice light fixtures, only because there are some really nice ones out there, but if they don't catch my eye, I wouldn't notice them.  I do however light a decent light source for certain tasks.

What is something you always notice when visiting other people's homes?


Betsy said...

Quite an interesting list. A clean bathroom and a clean kitchen...especially if I'm eating food prepared there. I just can't eat of the kitchen is dirty.

Andi's English Attic said...

I'm afraid I wouldn't wipe my bum with the Daily Mail so I'm not likely to take notice of anything it prints. However perusing a well stocked bookcase is always an adventure in any home. xx

Evelyn said...

kids toys everywhere overtaking the house is one thing I notice. also I like a welcoming pet. Petting a friendly dog or cat always gives me an ice breaker and conversation starter.

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

Dirt and mess. Sagging sofas are a peeve like dirty bathrooms. Empty uncluttered kitchen counters.

Northern Living Allowance said...

A friendly pet is always welcome - I love being greeted by animals! Clutter, whether it's fussy decorations/furniture or just 'stuff', is always a turn off. I don't like fake or heavy scents in a house, so flowers, or a fresh, clean scent is nice.

Karen said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who sneaks a peek at the Daily Mail, haha. I also read that article.
We have a LOT of books in our house. Piles of books under and on the coffee table and bookcases in every room of the house. I've noticed that guests FREQUENTLY look at our books.
I'm a stickler for having the floors clean and the bathroom fresh and spotless if guests are coming. We stash our dirty dishes in the dishwasher where they belong.

William Kendall said...

Book cases would draw my attention.

Stella Jones said...

Interesting post Gill. I notice cleanliness first, then furniture placement, then colours and design. One of my pet hates are photographs everywhere. I don't like to see lots of photographs, especially if they are of dead people! I notice if the room is stuffy. I can't take those new air fresheners that puff out a chemical smell every five minutes. I am allergic to them. My flesh around my eyes swell up, I feel sick and a headache starts. Don't know why. I like fresh air, baking smells, friendly pet in the room and comfortable chairs with somewhere to rest your head.

barbara woods said...

I read spare every moment I am not quilting so I notice books

One Family said...

I notice cleanliness and clutter first. Then notice the design "style" (if there is one haha). There are a lot of messy folks out there but I've been in clean homes that have no decorating style too. I noticed a lot when we were house shopping last year. Mostly we looked online at pictures - goodness, the amount of clutter in people's homes for sale made it really hard to envision how the rooms look. Then you add on top of that, many homes in this area have dead animals on the walls, LOL. I really had a hard time picturing a house with my style, when I'm looking at every free space covered in dead animals!

Rose said...

I always notice when I don't see a book or magazine anywhere...I always wonder what these people do. And I am talking about times before computers and smartphones. I used always notice record collections, I do notice art if it is something I like. Kind of like you with the light fixtures. When daughter was selling her condo in LA the guy wanted everything she had in it...the realtor had told her not to change a thing. She let him have her furniture but not her art and quilts. It was sold within a day or two of the it being shown to anyone...and was not really publicly listed.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I notice knick-knacks - And how clean everyone's house seems compared to mine. I really do try to keep a clean house. Being obsessive compulsive, I can drive myself crazy making everything perfect before someone comes. Yesterday, I had everything perfect. I'd freshened up everything, had a fan in the window to make sure, dusted, I did everything. Then the vet came, and one of the dogs (Eva) peed on the rug right when he got there. ARGH!!!!! I can never win!!

Jackie said...

I do notice that many people don't have anything out and like another poster wonder what they do all day... Clean I suppose.

God bless.

Practical Parsimony said...

I notice books and sanitary conditions. Dust in others' houses does not bother me. I love when people have parents and grandparents' pictures out or on the walls. Eclectic decorating is the most interesting to me. I do not want to smell bad conditions and can smell if a dog or cat lives in a house the moment the door is opened. Sometimes, people spray stuff to mask smells, a cloying, nauseating scent AND the animal smells.

Wisewebwoman said...

Wow. I'm there to visit and engage with others not to do an inspection. I know I'm an oddball but there it is.