Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Other Sites I enjoy reading

I may not comment on them but I really enjoy reading them.

Pure Life For Living is a favourite of mine.  I think it's because I wish it were me doing what they are doing.  I know deep down it's not going to happen now, as physically neither me and dh are able to do the amount of work they are doing.  However maybe on a smaller scale?  They look like a fun couple too.

Young House Love Again they are a media/computer savvy couple who have made a living out of renovating homes and diy projects.  We have renovated homes, but are not the media savvy types; guess we have missed the boat with that one.  However, they look like an awesome family and there are some unique and fun projects they have tackled and tons of great ideas.  Well worth a peek.

I love Homestead Bloggers Network.  It's a site that features all sorts of information and not just about Homesteading.  I made this great recipe from a link they showcased, super good, moist cake.

I also enjoy Lazy Daisy Jones, despite the fact I cannot crochet.  However she does such beautiful work and features equally fabulous artists that you can't help to drool over everything she features.

The Frugal Cottage is one of those sites, where sometimes I am not sure why I read it, but then other times I find it fascinating.  She is such an honest writer and I love that.

Life After Money, is one of those blogs I just HAVE to read.  Don't agree with everything she says or does, but she leads a fascinating simple life that is worth reading about.  I cheered her on from this part of the work with her shed/summer house.  Mourned the loss of her dog and generally I follow her life a little like a stalker I guess; but she never sees me!!!

John at Going Gently is a character that's for sure.  He describes the going's on in the village he lives in, in Wales, the only way John can.  It's addictive reading what he writes.  I want a dog like his Winnie, she is a character that's for sure.

And finally for this post I have followed Sue, at Our New Life in the Country for a while and what she has done to her new place is stunning.  I would love to have what she has and she lives in a stunning part of the world.  Love all her chickens and her little doggies and cat.

If you have time to pop by some of these sites you won't be disappointed.


Karen said...

The first thing I do every morning, is sit down with my cuppa tea and read John Gray's blog "Going Gently". That Welsh humor of his really gets my day off to a positive start (most of the time - he can tear your heart out when things are not going well too)

Terra Hangen said...

I follow four of those blogs too. What a diversity of lives, talents, humor, etc.

Betsy said...

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll have to pop over and visit them.

Jane said...

I follow Life after Money now - I love seeing her travel photos and she has great tips for frugal living. I checked out Lazy Daisy Jones as I have started to crochet. She has some really cute ideas!

William Kendall said...

Thanks for pointing them out, Gill!

Bee Lady said...

Thanks for the blog suggestions. I popped over and paid them a visit. Of course, been a fan of John Grey for years. He's hilarious!
Have a great day!

Cindy Bee