Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I'm walking

So one of the things I have been "encouraged" to do is walk.  I am however a reluctant walker, but I am doing it.  So far my pair of trainers/running shoes have been fine, but now that the weather is getting cooler and wetter, I need to "upgrade" the something more substantial and waterproof.  So I am on the hunt for a pair of basic hiking boots.  When I started to look for these I found that there are hundreds of different kinds.  I have narrowed down my preference though.  I am liking this type of boot/shoe:

I need it to be lightweight, waterproof and not too low and not too high up my ankle.

I am walking a little more each day, and even tackled a little hill today, but am not ready for an all day hike!!!  Are there any do's or don'ts when it comes to hiking boots?  I also don't want to spend a fortune, so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


Betsy said...

I'm in the same position you are. I need to be walking more to build my endurance but I don't enjoy it at all. Because of the snow and ice in our area in the winter, I'm thinking I may become a "mall walker" and just make that ten minute drive every day. I'm not a mall person either so it won't be fun. Ha! I'm sorry I can't help you with your shoe issue, but I wish you luck.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

We try to get out for a walk everyday for at least 30 minutes. When the weather doesn't co-operate we walk at the mall before it opens, as do lots of other folk. We also have a treadmill. Good luck with your walking. You will certainly notice the benefits.

JennB said...

Having bought hiking boots- You can't look at the price.( within reason- most boots will be $200 or less) It's all about the fit ( unfortunately) If they rub, or are uncomfortable in the slightest, or need to be "broken in" you will hate them and it won't help you walk. I bought a pair of books 15 years ago- they are still going strong and I hike fairly often and in rough terrain. Finding the right fit- by the way- will probably drive you crazy - it takes time. That being said- ALL hiking boots are lightweight nowadays- you need to go to a store ( ie MEC or even Sport Check) and try on lots. Good luck! :)

William Kendall said...

Spend a reasonable amount- you want quality, and you're not going to find that at a discount shop. Find what feels comfortable to your feet, first and foremost.

Also consider buying a pair of Yak Trax for the winter. They're not expensive, fit right over your boots, and give you good grip in winter conditions.

Jackie said...

The Yak Trax are a wonderful addition to winter walking. I wear them most of the winter when walking.

God bless.

Helen said...

Don't skimp on your boots. They need to be comfortable and a pleasure to wear. Go to a store where you can have help in fitting and getting the right size. Some years ago I needed a new pair and budgeted on £60.00. I spent double that and have never regretted one penny of it. I have had them reheeled and just hope they will last to the end of my walking days! I do a group walk most weeks of 8- 10 km along roads, tracks and muddy paths so waterproof is essential. Helen in France

Holly Hollyson said...

This is my target for the new year. I plan to start at 5 mins a day (doesn't sound much but I have been pretty much on bed rest since I got pregnant and I really need to build it up!)and then keep adding 5 minutes a week.