Monday, October 31, 2016

A month has past........

since my little "episode."  That's what we call it me and dh, "the episode."   I am finally wrapping my head around it and feel happier with it all.  Wish it wouldn't have happened mind you but no where near as frightened as I was.

I am doing more and more each day, but dh says I still look very tired.  He says I am trying to push myself too much; but if I don't try I won't know what I can or cannot do?

The one thing I do not like about all of this is that too look at me I look perfectly fine, but inside of me I'm not.  I also feel a bit helpless as basically no one wants to know in the medical field it feels like.  I do have an appointment with the cardiologist in November, but it's only a consult, so nothing will be done.  

No one has mentioned me going to see a lung specialist to make sure my lungs are functioning properly.  One thing that does happen to me, is when I push myself too hard, I start yawning like a crazy person, which I have been told is too compensate for a lack of oxygen?

Looking back over the summer, I have come to realize I had not been feeling well for quite some time; but it was all minor things, that unless you link them all together they meant nothing.

I have finally adapted to taking the medication and my "tropical moments/hot flashes," seem to have gone away.  I am not as red in the face anymore, and  my legs don't ache as much; although no blood clots were found in my legs.

I have many things to be grateful for, but I would like to know why this happened.

Have you had something happen to you medically, that no one knows why it happened?


Sharon said...

I am so glad you are doing better! That must have been quite a scare!

My husband's aunt had a blood clot in her leg that travelled up to her lungs and she ended up in intensive care for weeks. She knew something was wrong, had even gone to the doctor who sent her home. Luckily she was able to contact her neighbour when she collapsed at home.

slugmama said...

Last week my lips swelled up and I got 2 horrendously massive hives outbreaks. 1 trip to the Urgent Care and 2 trips to the ER in 2 days and the medical professionals "think" it is a drug reaction to one of my meds but we've only narrowed it down to 3 suspects so I need to have allergy testing done. sigh.

Take it easy on yourself and don't push yourself too hard. At least everyone could see there was something wrong with me so I didn't get grief for taking it easy. lolz
Be well.

Terra said...

That is unnerving to have an "episode" with no cause determined. I hope you remain well and it never recurs. I think you should not push yourself too much; resting is very healing.

mamasmercantile said...

I am thrilled to hear that you are feeling better. Take care.

Betsy said...

Be careful and don't push yourself too hard. I've had a doozy of a past year and a half. My big surprise was a pacemaker I received in July 2015. I'm only 56 so it seems like way too young to get a pacemaker. I hadn't felt well for awhile but kept being told I was a woman and too young to have the issues that eventually caused the pacemaker to be implanted. Obviously both of those facts were wrong. When my heart stopped for 43 seconds while in the doctors office they couldn't deny it any longer. I'm still not myself and am very frustrated with the whole thing. So, yep. I think I understand some of what you're going through. Take care my friend.

William Kendall said...

Don't overdo things. One day at a time.

Jackie said...

So glad you are doing better, but don't push yourself too hard. You don't want a set back.

God bless.

Rose said...

You sure have been through a lot...I am glad you are beginning to feel a bit more normal.

It has been two months almost since Roger's stroke and it is slow going for some of it. I can tell he is improving, but it is in baby steps.

Evelyn said...

glad you are doing better Gill and hope you can get your strength back

Wisewebwoman said...

Glad to have you back. I too have unexplained problems which are baffling 2 doctors. I have to await hospital tests. My legs are useless. And this from a road warrior. I think it relates to a bad icefall I had.but the older one gets the less priority on waiting lists. Bleurgh.

Scarlet said...

I've been ill / in pain since November 1st 2015 and still don't have a definitive diagnosis. I've had 2 MRI scans, a colonoscopy, x-rays, an ultrasound, and more blood tests than I care to remember. I go back to the rheumatologist next week and am hopeful that I may finally have another part of the jigsaw puzzle. In the meantime, I have been found to be severely deficient in vitamin D and deficient in vitamin B12. I'm on oral steroids for 6 weeks following a steroid injection and if I have what the rheumatologist thinks then I'll be on them for at least 2 years... it's something usually seen in people 20 years older than me, but as I had cataracts at 43 and a heart condition at the same age that's usually seen in post menopausal women, I'm not surprised.
I hope you get some answers... I know how frustrating it is. The wheels of the NHS have turned incredibly slowly for me in the last 12 months.