Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Lots of "front's"

We have a really lovely front porch. Gets the evening sun.

I am going to be sewing new covers for the cushions this week as something/one has chewed a big hole in one of them. (I will be showing more photos of the front porch in coming week, as we have to do a bit of work on it.)

We inherited a lovely screen door in front of our front door.
 We have a bit of repair work to do on the door though on one of the bottom panels.

We have a lovely front hall as well.  Marigold takes pride of place in our front hall.  It doesn't show up well but it's a lovely crystal light as well.
Love how it shines on the wall. 
The shelf was left by the prior owners. 

The one post that is being "spammed" a lot at the moment is this one about paper clips for some reason?


Joy said...

Goodness knows why the spam. I seem to be getting lots at ther moment too - a right nuisance really!
That's a lovely porch - I'm quite envious.

Maggie said...

I just love your porch, and that picture :-)
I wish we had somewhere to fit in a covered porch, I've always loved them.

Winifred said...

That is a lovely porch & a very nice hallway too. What on earth ate the fabric?

People here never seem to sit out at the front of houses, garden seats are nearly always at the back of houses. Look forward to seeing your new cushions, you certainly are sewing a lot.

Have to say I don't have any garden furniture now I tend to sit in the conservatory & open the doors. I'm really lazy & get fed up of bringing the cushions in & out of the house & taking up space.

William Kendall said...

I like your porch area.

Jackie said...

Love the size of your porch.

Isn't the spam ridiculous!!

Cathy said...

Hello Gill
Lovely to see you settling into your new home - much different to that lovely 'old' one you had quite a while ago. At least you won't have hours of mowing ahead of you :)

I just glanced through your blogroll and much to my consternation you still have my old Still Waters blog listed there. And the test post I did last week (and thought I'd deleted) is showing. Could you do me a favour and remove it from the blogroll- and a bigger one by replacing it with the new one please.

Cathy @ Still Waters

Thanks for that
Take care