Monday, June 20, 2016


When growing up my mam had a schedule of doing things on certain days.  Over the years my schedule hasn't been as rigid and has changed depending on who was home and the seasons.

For the next month or two I do have a schedule that I hope to stick too.  Here it is:

Monday: Housework
Tuesday: Basement painting
Wednesday: Basement painting
Thursday: visiting children or at knitting
Friday: grocery shopping/housework
Weekend: who knows!!

It's not written in stone of course, but I think if I could stick too it at least for the rest of this month and July, I could get the walls and ceilings painted in the basement, and if dh gets some of the trim up and doors, I could get a lot of that done as well.  The space I am painting is probably around 800 square feet split into three rooms, plus under stairs and closets.  Yes you could live down there quite comfortably.  

So wish me luck that I stick to this schedule.  Do you have a schedule?


Jackie said...

I am afraid that I do have a schedule that I follow (even on those days where I have little or nothing in the way of housework). I just can not seem to function without one.

God bless.

Mum said...

You must report in at least twice a week and report on how you are keeping to your schedule. Perhaps with us watching you will manage to get the basement painted and all the housework done. We'll be cheering you on all the way. My schedule for this week is only a cleaning one but most days it's work on house and garden in the mornings and play in the afternoons. It works well for me. Next week we have a round of doctor's appointments and last week I was at the optician. It's all go, isn't it!

mamasmercantile said...

No, I do the washing when there is enough to make a load whereas my Mum does it on a Monday. Cleaning when it needs doing etc....

William Kendall said...

I have a schedule for things like the laundry.

Evelyn said...

I have a sortof schedule, working full time and coaching softball means I have to have a flexible one. Wednesday I clean the bathroom, Thursday the floors, Sunday is clean the sinks and iron.