Friday, August 14, 2015

Home of the Week and other things.........

This week's "Home of the Week," is not my cup of tea and it's not the $1.2 million asking price that's putting me off; it's the fact that it is a triplex; aka: a three times one bedroom apartments in a two story building.  You can't swing a cat (sorry Jane and fellow cat lovers) in any of the apartment's.  No I'll pass.

I LOVE, LOVE this week's "Condo of the Week,"  It's on the market at $550,000 and is a co-op.  I don't know anything about co-op's but unless you are a cash buyer it could be a little difficult trying to get a mortgage.  It is small at 800 square feet, but look at those views and it does feel bright and airy inside, don't you think?

The "Cottage of the Week," is on the market for $3 million and comes with two smaller islands.  It looks very nice but you can only reach it by boat from what the description says?  Also who has $3 million to spare for a cottage, not me!

Gill's "Cottage of the Week,"is on the market for $189,900 and yes it needs a little work!!  Okay it needs a bit of work, but is on 31 acres.  I love it and will be showing dh this one.  The bathroom does worry me...........A LOT!!  The kitchen needs work and the deck outside is DANGEROUS but the potential is there and oh did I mention the 31 acres!!  I wonder how long that would take me to cut the grass??  I'M JOKING!!!

Okay now I am confused thank you everyone for pointing out the link doesn't work.  So I went back to the listing only to find it's not there anymore?  I have to assume it has sold, as I know I saw it yesterday......senile I may be getting but I know I saw it!!!  I was even planning in my mind what I would do to make it ours; what changes I would make.....oh well I will look for another cottage and post it tomorrow.

I posted a book review yesterday for "The Chaperone," by Laura Moriarty. It's a super book and our book club choice for September, you can read it here.

I am a gnome knitting factory at the moment.  I have 9 (I think) to make for Our Little Man's birthday party as take home gifts.  I volunteered for it.  


Craig said...

Link for the last one not working for me Gill. I love the coop too. What a great view and indeed it does look larger. I would pay extra for a no renter building, never mind a discount!

Belinda said...

I love the Condo of the Week very light and airy, which I love. The cottage of the week isn't for me as it requires a boat to get to it, lol. The third link did not work for me.

Betsy said...

I really liked the Condo too. The light and the view were the winners for new! Goodness, you need to get those needles flying!

William Kendall said...

Some properties do get snapped up pretty quick!