Friday, August 21, 2015

Back again................

Not sure where the last week or so went too, but it has gone by fast.  I have been busy knitting of course; I am making (at least) nine gnomes for Our Little Man's birthday in September as part of the take home gifts.  Mind you if you read The Knitting Basket's blog post this week, here, it turns out knitting is good for your health?  Who knew?

The weather of course has been stinking hot and humid.  I am so over summer now, I mean SO OVER IT!!!  Roll on the nice cool Fall weather. And as usual the month of August is just flying by.

Meanwhile here we are with another week's worth of homes for sale.

This week's "Home of the Week," is on the market for $2 million.  I of course don't like the price, but I do like the house itself.  I love the entrance up to the house.  It's an older home but very bright and airy inside with nice landscaping.

The "Condo of the Week," is on the market for $550,000.  Again it is nice and airy.  It says in the blurb that a couple with two children  live there, but when looking at the photos I get the feeling that they have probably moved out.  As trying to keep a place that tidy with two young children is nigh on impossible.  I just don't see any clutter at all?

Once again the, "Cottage of the Week," is a mansion and is on the market for $2.7 million.  I wouldn't change a thing, but who can afford that price?  Mind you it would be a year round home for us. It is pretty light and airy again despite all that wood.  I would love to be able to sit on that dock and watch the world go by..........though in this case it will probably just be ducks as it's a private lake!!

Now back to reality here is "Gill's Cottage of the Week," is on the market for $459,900 and for that price you not only get a 2 bedroom log home, but 2 guest cabins and 16 acres.  I love it, wouldn't change much and would move there tomorrow!!! Very oldie, worldy, reminds me of Little House in the Big Woods, don't you think?

Finally a bit of a funny story.  You know how I am always complaining about the gardeners and what a poor job they do weeding the gardens?  I transplanted a rhubarb plant from a tub into the garden.  Every time a couple of leaves pop through the soil, the gardeners think they are weeds and chop them off with their hoes.  I have had to put bamboo poles and string around the area, in the hopes they leave it alone.........can't win can I!


Betsy said...

I'm normally not anxious for fall because I detest snow, but with all of our fires here in Washington, I'm ready for rain, snow, whatever it takes!!! I also love that log cottage. It's perfect.

Fran said...

Wish it was hot here, humid but not hot. This summer has been a real disappointment :( x

mamasmercantile said...

The talking tree made me smile, Autumn will be hear before we know it, there are signs of it here all around. Such a shame about the rhubarb, mine is sprouting again for the 2nd time this season great to have some in the freezer for those Autumnal puddings.

Maggie said...

Welcome back!

I'm ready for the change of season now, although we haven't had any kind
of summer to speak of, just the odd days here and there. The whole of
August has been a bit on the damp and dull side.

LOL at the gardeners.

Linda aka Crafty Gardener said...

I just want the humidity to vanish. It was lovely to actually open the windows this morning.
Sounds like you are making good progress with the gnomes.
Had a chuckle at your rhubarb story. Hopefully it survives the gardeners, well not actually gardeners, because if they were they would know what rhubarb looked like :)

Jane and Chris said...

A friend 'helped' us by strimming...he strimmed the young rhubarb leaves... never mind no rhubarb,the plant was so upset,it died.
Jane x

Jane said...

A friend helped me with my flower beds once and ended up pulling out all of my perennials! Grrrrr! For me summer is going by too quickly - I still have vivid memories of those bitterly cold weeks in January and February!

Cat Lover said...

I am done with this summer weather too. We are cooler today. Lovely to have the windows open.
Hope your rhubarb survives the gardeners!

William Kendall said...

You've been busy!

This morning seems to have dawned with less humidity. I think we had a week of that hot sticky weather.

Marilyn K said...

The weather is starting to change...hits of autumn in the air in Michigan. I love to see all the seasons change and am always anxious for the next one after a few months.

Rose said...

Well, I like the home of the week...loved all the windows. Loved the feel of it. Didn't care at all for the condo...loved the cottage...OH, shoot..just realized I forgot to look at Gill's back in a minute.

Rose said...

I love your cottage...I hope you have success with your plant. Would be so frustrating.

Jackie said...

Welcome back. Love your cottage, just perfect for those days when you just have to get away.

God bless.

Winifred said...

Hope you enjoyed your little break. I love the cottage. Wouldn't change much just add a touch of blue here & there.

Thankfully it's lovely & warm here, we've waited long enough & no I don't want the autumn to come. Not yet!

Lynda D said...

Oh i do love your cottage. Could Ontario be any more beautiful?